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Volvo XC90 crossovers technical characteristics of the safest crossover

The history of one of the most successful SUVs Swedish brand, Volvo began in 2002, when was presented to the world a very effective vehicle for its time: Volvo XC90.

Despite the large size and brutal appearance, the XC90 is quite basic platform from sedans S60, S80 and V70 station wagon. But through the new design and due to the absence of unification of body parts car seems to be completely self-model. The XC90 laid so huge potential, which since 2002 crossover survived only two lungs updated and this for 11 years!

Geometric indicators of the car

By modern standards crossover very large, and with the change of generations it has grown a little. Production of the car began in 2002 and 2006, the model had the following dimensions: length 4798 mm, width 1898 mm and height 1743 mm

After the upgrade, since 2006 till present time dimensions are as follows: length 4807 mm, width 1936, height 1784 mm wheelbase not changed and remained the same: 2857 mm, and the  top  weight including load fell from 2740 kg to 2570 kg increased Substantially, but the width of the vehicle (+3.8 cm), length changed due to some form of front and rear bumpers. Changed and the volume of the fuel tank, if originally it was 80 litres, since 2006, a total of 68. Slightly decreased clearance – 218 mm was 220), by modern standards, SUVs – almost 22 cm of clearance is very high.

The interior of the vehicle is designed to seven, with 3rd row seats are full-size seats that can completely take shape in the floor of the trunk, which, incidentally, has impressive parameters – from 600 liters, with a folded third row. The tailgate can be opened by parts, which facilitates the process of loading and unloading.

 Volvo XC90 crossovers 2013

Engines and KPP-mounted XC90

Originally XC90 installed 4-e-type engines, one diesel and three petrol:

The Volvo XC90 crossovers diesel specifications were distinguished by high profitability indexes, on average, consumes 7.5 litres of diesel oil, urban consumption does not exceed 10.5 liters. Petrol versions were more  the greedy even the youngest version (2.4 l) consumed from 15 l in the city, and the consumption of more powerful versions sought to 20 litres per 100 km

Due to high fuel petrol units were less in demand, and the second generation has been allocated two petrol units - one of which remains the same, while the new one was more economical than the old ones.  After updating the engine range has decreased dramatically, and looked like this:

If initially it was possible to buy XC90 with a mechanical gearbox, with the 2006 model is no alternative to a 5-speed automatic on the petrol version and  6-step on diesel. Both machine of series Geartronic.

 Volvo XC90 crossovers 2013 beauty

The restyling can be called cosmetic, only changed shape of the grille and headlights, and created a new design of wheels and some exterior colors. Range of power units once again thinned, and there are only two already well-known motor:  

Full gear and transmission

By default, the Volvo XC90 – almost front-wheel drive car, because the distribution of torque axis is in the ratio of 95% to 5%. But at the slightest slipping, the front wheels of the system of full drive instantly transfers torque to the rear wheels allows not to lose traction. Буксующее wheel the подтормаживается, to prevent loss of torque.

System of a full drive at the XC90 is implemented using a multi-disc clutch Haldex and advanced electronic system that continuously reads all indicators with numerous sensors. During braking, full-actuator is switched off in order not to disturb the ABS system to perform its functions. Despite the fact that full drive exclusively plug and suspension elements are fixed to the body (without frame) Volvo XC90 in 2011 won "SUV of the year : Russia».

Picking Volvo xc90

In 2013 model is sold with two motors in three trim levels:

1. Kitting Base – from 1 799 900 to 1 976 000 rubles depending on the engine and the availability of third-row seats.  It is the initial, but includes a large number of options, here are the main of them:

 Volvo XC90 crossovers 2013 engine

2. Loaded Executive – from 1 000 to 999 2 196 000 rub. In this configuration the basic equipment adds options aimed at obtaining a maximum of comfort:

3. Trim R-dеsign goes along with a lot of executive, with which it used interchangeably. The cost of 1 899 000 to 2 096 000 rubles Optional content:

 Volvo XC90 crossovers 2013 Luggage compartment

When it comes to cars Volvo not to mention the security systems. The XC90 many elements of security, ranging from extremely durable body and to any other systems, such as Rоll Stаbility Cоntrol and Dynаmic Stаbility Trаction Cоntrol both of which minimize the possibility of the introduction on the road. A full set of airbags – front, side, and curtain airbags all 7 passengers and a driver knee airbag for the driver. Sensors group works to track slope relatively horizons, as well as on the presence of a roll. If the system detects that the angle of heel grow too fast to prevent tipping will be reduced thrust of the engine and begin braking (easy) loaded wheels that will align trajectory.

Specifications Volvo XC90 crossovers can be considered as the reference, despite the "passenger" platform, turned out excellent crossover, which has a lot to show on the roads, due to the high clearance, large corners and fascias, as well as smart system of a full drive. His huge, spacious and sophisticated beauty fit for everyday life of a large family, and, despite the fact that the crossover is not subjected to serious changes already 7 years, since the first update), demand remains high.