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What has changed in the Ford Escape 2013

In 1997, the company Ford decided to make a small SUV, but in the power of love Americans to the machines, from idea it was decided to refuse. But soon, in 2000, the company has again returned to this idea, and to light a Ford Escape, which is formally too SUV and crossover. However, it should be said that Ford Escape specifications  were quite competitive as a crossover by definition, it could very off-road "vie" and SUVs.

The first generation of the car from 2000 to 2007

Originally Escape was not big crossover,  and had the following dimensions:

But after the update, in 2004 the size of the car have grown slightly due to various forms of body parts, but beauty is the same:

 Ford Escape the first generation

I must say that for three years (2000-2003) Ford Escape sold in Europe named Maverick and have the basic package with two petrol engines:

But, as we have already noted, after renovation in 2004 in addition to the slightly different appearance Escape received and a number of new engines:

The second generation from 2008 to 2012

The second generation of the Ford Escape was built on a different platform, body become more streamlined, added the spoilers and the car was slightly greater.  Its dimensions are now as follows:

 Ford Escape the second generation

However, particular attention during the restyling was paid to the "software" a car. There were the following types of engines:

Generation of 2013

The third generation, in fact, is the unification with another model of the brand for the European market – Kuga. For all history of a model for third generation dramatically changed both the appearance and the inner structure of the vehicle, making it more dynamic, efficient and streamlined.

Modern Escape has the following dimensions:

 Ford Escape 2013

Ford Escape 2013 specifications concerning the engine has the following:

Picking and rates 2013

Officially Escape sold on the territory of Russia only from 2008 to 2010 only in one configuration: 2.3 liters, 145 HP, all-wheel drive and 4-speed automatic.  Average prices in the secondary market range from 660 to 790 thousand rubles depending on the year and an optional set.

 Ford Escape 2013 engine

But, starting from 2013, the model Escape from substantial changes back to the Russian market, but with a different name – Kuga and sold in four trim levels:

 Ford Escape 2013 options


Model Ford Escape – without a doubt a global model. Created on the basis of related models with the use of Japanese technology, it sold around the world under different names. In General 2012 model Escape, who was born in 2000 can be considered last. Yes, the market is now officially sold model under that name, but it's the other car with a different platform and other history. From a technical point of view Escape 2013 is a copy of the Ford Kuga 2013, a machine that was designed for the European consumer. Kuga and Escape are brothers, twins and differ only in name. To create this tandem had a hand already not Japanese engineers, and experts from Volvo.

How to create a modern masterpiece Escape 2013, You can see from the following video: