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What is interesting in the updated Chevrolet Trayl blazer 2013

When in 2009 the car Trailblaser was taken out of production, many thought that the model will finally overcome the consumption. But already in 2012, the company General Motors has demonstrated a new modification of the well-known and untwisted auto, actually, pleased motorists.

The main production of the Chevrolet blazer 2013 will be based in Thailand is not surprising, because the majority of sales are planned Asian and African markets. Of course, planned sales in America, though not as extensive, but in Australia the model is known as the Holden Colorado. In Russia SUV came to the market in the late spring of 2013. So what will please and what will surprise a new car?

 Chevrolet blazer 2013 front view

Susceptible exterior

At first glance auto reminds massive American SUV, with a few differences - trend brutal machines already lost relevance and to the fore stylistics of modern Korean crossover middle class. By the way, Korean auto remind rear door model.

The blazer brand has a "person" with a two-tier grille and the large logo of the company between these levels. In front of the vehicle in the eyes also catch original headlights almond-shaped, that are high enough, bumper with chrome accents and stylish fog-lights. By the way, for better flotation body, bumper model trimmed from the bottom, and the bottom of the plane bears the reliable protection of unpainted plastic.

Look further on the hood, which is due to two distinct edges, towers over ledges wheels. The last form a stylish wheel arches, which, by the way, can be called the most important elements of the body. Tire size also impressive - 245/70 R16, so that the disks 16th radius get lost in their territory. Moreover, you can install and option wheels with a radius of more - up to 265/60R18.

The rear part of the car is no less stylish than front - large "chandeliers" rear position of the headlights, the large tailgate regular shape and a small bumper with additional elements of light.

Chevrolet Trayl blazer 2013 can be called a real off-roader, due to the presence in its design uncut rear axle, and a decent enough ground clearance (220 mm) this machine will help to overcome almost any obstacles and roads.

Machine dimensions are impressive: height - 1, 831 m, width of at 1.902 meters, length - 4,878 m, wheelbase - 2.8 m. A body of a model can be painted in one of several color options - white, blue, silver metallic, dark grey, red, black and brown.

 Chevrolet blazer 2013 rear view

Enhanced interior

Called interior incredibly luxurious, of course, impossible, but what he looks modern, stylish and technologically - this is a fact. The new option is not like the old beauty of the previous modification and design solutions sufficiently designed and comfortable.

Three full-row seats are for 7 seats, seats are comfortable and allow you to get comfortable. Wide range of adjustment of armchairs is very useful for driver's seat - fit here can even very large man.

New Chevrolet Trail blazer is equipped with a practical instrument panel solid form - convenient location of buttons and blue backlight will easily find the necessary function or task. Deserves special admiration stylish center console - crowned she native player that has a USB port and Bluetooth, and a climate control. Performed very simple, but elegant and thoughtfully.

Look at the interior in terms of seats is equipped with a model of two-row passenger seats – the second row can easily accommodate three people and comfortably help adjustable seat backs. Third row seats is quite affordable – one movement of the hand and place of the second fold to accept another two passengers. So the new Chevrolet Trayl blazer 2013 perfect for large families or groups.

The trunk of car can carry 554 liters of cargo, and if necessary increase the volume can be up to 1830 liters, due to transformation of passenger seats.

With regard to trim – all very simply and stylishly – the build quality, hard plastic, thin details.

 Chevrolet blazer 2013 beauty

Specifications and confidence on the road

Motorists model is available with two engines – petrol or diesel.

Connects full drive  with the help of transfer box with electronic control. So you can choose the best mode of transmission – enough to switch knob on the center tunnel. The driver can choose one of three options – four-wheel-enabled reduction gearing and locked coupling, four-wheel drive with a valid slippage center clutch and rear wheel drive. With regard to the suspension – here it is fully independent – rear multi-link and installed in front double wishbone.

SUV  well as the completed "smart" shock-absorbers and rated springs, which are able to change the parameters of damping. Showed itself well model on the road with hard surface, in turns rolls body minimal, and on the straight road, the car is quiet and stable even at a speed of 160 km/hour. Due to the presence of a sufficiently large wheels, the pits are overcome quickly, and small smooths roughness of roads suspension. Off-road car also showed good results and justify its name «SUV» - Trail Blezeru still that under wheels – whether it be sand, rytvina or snow, he will cope with any challenge. But still, do not forget wise proverb: "The SUV better go for help».

 Chevrolet blazer 2013 options

Variants and rates on any taste

Presents a model in two versions - LT (only diesel) and LTZ. The most affordable option of picking a new model LT-wheel drive car with a volume of 2.8 and 5-speed manual transmission. It will be equipped:

Cost of such car will make about 44 thousand conventional units.

The second option LT complete with motor 2.8 and 6 automatic transmission will cost more expensive, but, in addition to the automatic transmission and features

Is the cost of the equipment is a little more 45,5 thousand dollars.

 Chevrolet blazer 2013 Luggage compartment

Much richer staffed option LTZ that is offered only with box "machine”. In addition to the basics, the customer receives:

The cost of such a diesel version will be nearly 50 tys.u.e. and petrol will cost 3-4 thousand dollars more expensive.