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What is parketniki and their modern representatives

Definition parketnika

Road standards, the term "parketniki" appeared not so long ago, but already includes a fairly large number of models of different brands. For a start, try to understand what exactly is meant by this word.

From the point of view of owners of SUVs, SUV – not that other, as an imitation of the vehicle actually able to move only on the parquet floor. But such a name for obvious reasons, do not like the owners themselves SUVs, so they and we accepted the new name of the data models -   crossovers».

In the USA such a car called the SUV, which means that the wagon with increased ground clearance. By and large the name of this type auto – marketing approach that does not change the fact – this is the most universal cars that evolved from the cars, but can cope with tasks that conventional cars. 

 Renault Daster

Characteristics SUVs

Parketniki – dual-purpose machines and  built on platforms sedans or hetchbekov, with increased clearance, more brutal appearance and off-road attributes. Let's consider in detail what they got from cars and what not from SUVs.

Structurally, SUV not much different from conventional passenger cars, engine and chassis mounted on the body, in other words design – the carrier, and not framed as a real SUV.

Most manufacturers infect the production of their machines, resulting crossovers receive engines and transmission from sedans and hetchbekov, from which they themselves were. But  without definite improvements here is not complete. High ground clearance and availability of all-wheel drive impose on the engine and transmission are a bit different.

 Toyota RAV4

Motor crossover usually re-adjust to increase the torque transmission is enhanced and complemented by new elements, such as the propeller shaft. Suspension is not left without changes, articulation angles compared with legkovushkami almost 2 times more.

At the same time in parketnikah unlike SUVs no transfer case and as a consequence axis differentials. In addition, SUV has no opportunity to enforce the axles and, in most cases, they also have no permanent four-wheel drive.

Thus, all of the changes and differences affect not only off-road capabilities of the vehicle, but its price and the cost of the content. Crossovers significantly cheaper than their off-road opposite and consume much less fuel.

 Nissan Juke

Modern representatives of SUVs

Any motorist who wants to buy a crossover - face with the problem of choice. Compare SUVs - the process is long and controversial, primarily due to the fact that the choice is very large. Rates on the best available models start from 500 thousand roubles, or a variety of representatives of the middle Kingdom, with front-wheel drive and made mainly on the basis of Japanese sedans or obsolete crossovers. Most expensive cars pushing past the 5 million, and some over 8 million.

A potential buyer votes ruble and obviously wants to buy the best SUV that can afford. Best of all choose impossible, because for some it will be a small urban crossover of the likeness of the Nissan Juke, and other big and brutal X5. Let us consider the main players on the market crossovers, which are offered for a reasonable price:

 Chevrolet Captiva


So, we have considered a parketniki crossovers photos (most popular) you can see above. Note that to find the crossover can be under any purse and with consideration of all possible needs and wishes, the automakers have taken care of that. Before selecting parketnika it is important to outline the main characteristics of key importance and price segment, then from the variety will remain 3-4 models, which differ in most cases car brand, engine power and transmission type.