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What surprised us Ford model in Kuqa 2013

Ford was the delight motorists a new design and powerful news automotive industry. The creators do not Mogi not put my soul in the new Ford Kuga 2013. Let's see what it is so attractive to your audience. Let's start with the appearance.

 Ford Kuqa 2013 front view

Looks are not deceiving

New Kuqa became more long and high. Besides, pleasant smooth lines, combined with a certain share of aggressiveness pleased to Express their conformity with all the newfangled trends. Slightly narrowed lights in combination with the brand icon Ford did the car look like the famous Explorer, a deity among the fords, giving to understand that a firm and true darling, underlines the status of the owner of the car and his character.

Now, headlights with led optics, grille, which is able to regulate the flow of air in certain versions - all this is striking in the first place. Overall dimensions, you can learn predecessor, is the only changes that make the car more new and modern.

The outward design of the car is quite nice and has a fairly good aerodynamics. Particularly likable Kuqa road in the white version. One of those elements, that the new Kuqa took predecessor can be distinguished:

From the new note that Kuqa become more like the standard and merge with sport utility of its type. For all different, good or bad. However, if we look at the front of him, - take the words back. Before us - Ford, and him with anybody else.

 Ford Kuqa 2013 top view

Inside expected to be pleasant

Ford is always striving to make something new. So, open the tailgate door was possible method of feet beneath the body of the car. He closes similarly. The volume of it - 456 liters, which significantly exceeds the size of the previous model. I want to note, that the trunk can be done and the amount of 1653 litre, will be guaranteed a smooth floor.

About the trunk we have said, and thus hinted about a pretty good amount of space for rear passengers. Designated for them to become more. Rear seats nice governed by the slope: smoothly, without jerks, as comfortable as possible. The only minus - car in the first place is designed so that the rear will be two passengers. For three places will not suffice, and it is inconvenient will be the third.

Sitting in the front you can feel the maximum comfort of the car. Ford greater attention is paid to this parameter, and it pleases. The driver's seat has a nice height adjustable, steering wheel is controlled on the flight and angle. The front seats are made in such a way that they envelop the back. It's great for long trips, if You are a lover of travel.

A number of claims to the back window, it shows not all, because it was already, and therefore the rearview mirror will not work on the full review little worse than its predecessor. But the whole thing "was hushed up" side mirrors: they are wide and have a nice view.

Soundproofing in the car level. Not only hear unpleasant sounds from the street, so now the sound of the engine maximum muted, making Кугу more comfortable. Of the additions to the cabin interior is possible to allocate  also deflectors ventilation and an additional power socket, which is very useful for recharging your mobile gadgets.

 Ford Kuqa 2013 rear view

Ford Kuqa truly was called smart crossover, as there is a lot of electronics.

Specifications in action

Talk about the technical characteristics can be long, and the most fully revealed in the process of driving, because dwell on the main points.

Kuqa can have one of the following types of engines:

Thus, the Ford Kuqa 2013 specifications meet all the necessary requirements, it remains to verify them in action.

 Ford Kuqa 2013 dashboard

The first point to note - maximum comfort when driving. Only got behind the wheel, the person immediately feels machine.

The new Куге worth intellectual system of a full drive. This means that You can't enable it when You want to, electronic system itself will decide when to and when not. And it's not just the distribution of drive and full load distribution between the car's wheels.

The suspension was smoother, but now the car is not so confident on high speed. However, in the city of Kuqa became as "a fish in water”. When crossing the rails, You're jumping. On a dirt road You, too, will not feel any inconvenience. On slippery roads, You'll be assured for a ride, because You always help out a full-wheel-drive car. When driving slowly shifting is not felt, however, at medium speeds, it becomes noticeable. The system of short passes making a great contribution to fuel economy. But recall that it all depends on type of Your car.

The driving characteristics of the car more than compromise. They adjust for any needs of the driver. The acceleration dynamics of petrol variants of the car are not inferior to diesel. In most cases, the elasticity of the engine enough, even when talking about overtaking on the slopes in difficult conditions. At a speed of 110 km / h, when Kuqa included in turn, felt rolls, and as a result the driver turns the steering wheel on the wrong angle at which actually доворачивается Kuqa. The thing excessive e-stuffing: suspension taxis, primarily fulfilling the task of the system, not the driver.

Also, if present case, that the road surface slightly convex, like a speed bump, the dynamics of the engine will be enough to pass on him, not reducing rate. This allows passengers to ride on a dirt road, melting various pits and bumps. And the electronic system will help align the car properly.

The machine perfectly responds to the gas pedal and goes on overtaking. It's also nice that EcoBoost technology concerned about the environment, reducing CO2 emissions. Emissions of carbon monoxide we are not measured, however, I want to believe that the manufacturer does not deceive us.

 Ford Kuqa 2013 beauty

Which version to choose?

What is interesting is each complete set of KUGI? In the standard version the "Trend", the price of which is from 949 thousand rubles worth petrol engine 1.6 liters (150 PS). She also has:

The following equipment under the name of "Trend Plus" worth more expensive. On Kuqa 2013 price for it starts from 1 049 000 rubles. In addition to the charms of the standard version, the Trend Plus pleases the following additions:

 Ford Kuqa 2013 engine

Even more interesting is the version of the "Titanium", as it not only more bells and whistles, but there is a possibility to equip its diesel engine. Price on a car starts from 1 226 000 rubles. The charms of Титаниума highlight:

We turn to the most "weighty" in the good sense of this word version - "Titanium Plus", which price starts from 1 470 000 rubles. That's what we decided to surprise manufacturer in this version:


Thus, 2013 year gave us a new invention company Ford Kuga 2013. This great car with a deep high-speed intelligence. There are some nuances that may confuse, but the main thing to remember why You need a car. If You want to ride on off-road and discover new places and indulge in a full-fledged SUV. If You intend to travel mostly in the city and sometimes on weekends selected on the country or in the village - buying Ford Kuga 2013 - the perfect solution.