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What's new in the restyled BMW X5 2013

Trendsetters in the automotive world are updated less frequently, but as the Bavarian group has never tolerated standards and stereotypes, and this rule special attention Germans did not pay. Barely three years since the last restyling of the fashion of a large SUV, X series, as the Bavarian company represents the next generation of the SUV. Conditionally generation received the title of the third generation, but whether much has changed in comparison with the revolutionary second?

 BMW X5 2013 front view

The design innovations – the bold line

Concern BMW has never been modesty in design. Everyone remembers the works of art of the mid 90-ies of the last century, which is still perceived on the roads, as new cars. Updated design of a large SUV Germans tried to achieve the same effect. It is quite possible that in a few decades the new BMW X5 2013 will still be perceived as a modern car.

The main changes in the exterior of the vehicle are:

In General, the car changed sufficiently. Having met on the street next representatives of two generations of the BMW X5, a passer-by would think that this is a different SUVs, and not just рестайлиговые brothers. But while we can only see the new BMW X5 2013 photo and judge about the real appearance of the novelties – here Bavarians have tried and filled Internet beautiful images.

 BMW X5 2013 rear view

Interior solutions eminent concern

In a set of functionality to the driver, there are so many novelties that describe all of them standing in a separate publication. The trip became more comfortable and freedom of communication exceeded all expectations. Photo of the new BMW X5 2013 in the cabin is just amazing – there is a feeling that the Germans confused concern spacecraft and accidentally embodied these developments in his new car. The effect of novelty soon turns into admiration from the car. Each switch knows his place, each button is at hand.

In a set of communication tools can be mentioned the following functions:

The car has definitely become more interesting. On the one hand, everything is simple and ascetic, nothing superfluous and redundant. On the other hand, the manufacturer provided the third generation of the SUV incredible opportunities. This generation will be the starting point and role model for hundreds of other cars.

 BMW X5 2013 beauty

Technical innovations – what we will go?

Technical innovations Germans have provided a lot. So the car honestly can say, deserves the title of the new generation, not planned restyling.

The most interesting engines in the range of available units are the following:

After the conversion of Europe to the country of diesel SUVs Bavarians have decided to take and CIS countries, because two of the three top of the unit operate at this fuel, and almost 400 horsepower require little more than 10 litres of fuel consumption. But fans of petrol drive concern makes a good offer. Top petrol unit develops speed of 100 km/h in unprecedented SUV 5 seconds.

Offering hunting economical drive and a new version of – hybrid propulsion systems. Them in the new car will be two, and their parameters promise to overshadow the indicators of the pioneers in the field of hybrid motors.

The most affordable new model BMW X5 2013 – the sDrive25d. Unusual for such a large vehicle diesel engine in two and a half liters of interesting defenders of the environment. Air emissions will be equal to the emissions of compacts, and fuel consumption laugh lovers of big SUVs their scanty parameters.

 BMW X5 2013 engine

All cars will be equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission, which will provide, if necessary, economical and environmentally friendly travel, and if necessary, will give a good dynamics. Stop-start systems, a variety of modes of transmission and proprietary technology BMW Efficient Dynamics will enjoy riding without unnecessary thoughts about shifting gears.

Security above all

Over the safety of the driver and passengers in the new car hundreds of the best engineers in the world. Finishing materials and body, the arrangement of controls and design, bumpers and a hood, the location of the engine and airbags – all this is performed taking into account the safety of the occupants of people and the environment. For example, the following novelties in the new BMW:

As you can see, the Bavarian group started taking care not only about the passengers and driver, but about others car people. Tests have proven that the novelties will avoid more than half of the deaths on the roads, and reduce injuries in road accidents up to 70 percent.

 BMW X5 2013 rear row of seats

Price and quality – is there something better?

Of course, the BMW X5 – this is not a cheap car. The Germans did not hesitate to write on a label amount is much higher than that graced the previous generation of cars in showrooms. The price of new items on the European market is about $ 85,000. But such a number of new proposals is not present in any modern production car.

A buyer of a new SUV from eminent concern – this is not the man who chooses the cheapest product. Potential driver of BMW X5 – is a person who knows his / her dignity, understands the value of life and safety. He wants is always in the comfort and atmosphere around it must be beautiful. And the quality of the car completely corresponds to the cost. Bavarians offer a good warranty, the terms of which sacred run on any branded service station and at any salon of the Corporation.

BMW X5 2013 – that is true freedom in space and time. This is the car for those who appreciate themselves.