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All of the most extreme form of Motorsport - Jeep Trial

A little about the competitions

Jeep trial – competition SUV, passing on a special course where the participants compete on speed in passing the distance.  the Prototype of such a popular nowadays sport became an American truck-trial. They first started competing, rushing forests, mountains and the bolts on heavy trucks.

In Russia this kind of sport got in about the end of the 20th century. At first he was not so popular and collected just a couple of hundred people from across the country. Only in 2003 jeep competition was officially recognized as a sport. It was then that the first competitions were held, which attracted thousands of people interested in автостроением. Over time, this sport has gained the current popularity and started to attract crowds of people.   

This year the competition «Jeep trial 2013" already done noise – it has become one of the most famous competitions in trial 2013 in the world and was attended by tens of thousands of spectators, thereby glorifying such an event.

In addition to the Russian competition are various competitions and in Europe. Including is held every summer championship of Europe, which are called EuroTrial.

 Track Jeep trial

The pistes Jeep trial

Competitions on special tracks. As a rule, the track is an enclosed plot, divided on special test plots intended for fixing the positions of the participating  command. The land is divided gate, passing, which is a mandatory condition. Cross the gate can be specific to one side and only in a certain order. Depending on the complexity of the competition, the number of gates can vary from several to tens.

Courses can be of two types:

1.  Natural route   a simple area of rugged terrain with minimum changes, intended to demonstrate the skills of the riders in a real situation on the roads. This may be the forest, swamp, mountain, or a combination of areas.

2.  Artificial  - routes created for theatrical performances. Most often it is an earth road with equally spaced barriers on the sides, which established the rostrum, intended for accommodation of the spectators, watching the competition.

 Jeep trial competition

Classes Jeep trial

Such competitions are also divided into classes corresponding to different machines. Trial-classes with just five:

1.  Original (Original) –class, a fundamental requirement is the availability of a SUV without any bloat. Ideally – the machine is in the same condition that and was released from conveyor to the plant, however, allowed to modify the car according to newer versions issued by the same firm.  Participate here practically anyone can. There are also some restrictions in order to make the game more exciting and honest. Tire size machine is 825 x 275 mm to prevent accidents, fires, defects engines and other surprises. The reason for this – insufficient capacity of the factory engines as rules prevent their modification.  tread Depth is limited in  the maximum 16 mm

2.  Standard (standard – in fact it is the same original, but with some changes. In this class allow the following modifications:

 SUV for Jeep trial competition

3.  Модифайт (Modified) – admitted almost any modifications, but the prerequisite is the observance of the type of the previous system. So, for example you can put bridges from another machine, but their type must match your standard bridge and. etc.

4.  Промодифайт (Promodified) – here participants have full freedom of thought. Allows all modifications, including the complete replacement of the frame, engine, brake system and other things. The only thing prohibited in this class – managed rear axle.

5.  Prototype (Prototypes) – the most entertaining type of competition. In the class prototype admitted all modifications available to you. Allowed even install a rear steering axle, which allows to overcome any obstacles.

Note that all machines are tested for compliance with the requirements before you get into one of the classes trial competitions.