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Brake system UAZ loaf

Famous UAZ-452, called in the people "a loaf", has long established itself as the car is reliable and unpretentious. However, every vehicle sooner or later requires maintenance, replacement of some parts etc. of Course, you can just take your car to a HUNDRED, to pay a certain sum of money and not worry about anything. But if to speak about domestic cars, in some cases better, cheaper and easier to service their own. As to properly solve problems arising during operation of your car, you must be knowledgeable about your device and its main components. In this article we will talk about how the brake system of the car UAZ-452.

Scheme of the brake system

As is known, the brake system consists of brake and hydraulic drive and hand brake. Scheme of brake the loaves presented in figure 1.

 Scheme of the brake system UAZ Loaf

As seen from the diagram, brake the loaves has 2 pads – 6 and 10 – the same size. Each of the pads installed on the finger (5 and 14, respectively).

For pressing of brake pad to control эксцентрикам the force of compression springs 9 and 12.

The ends of each pads touch piston (scheme 8) the wheel cylinders.

Themselves cylinders (1 and 13 of the loaves have two holes:

Between the cylinders are connected by a pipe. In addition, through the connecting pipelines in a single system with the master cylinder and the brake pedal.

There is one feature which is characterized by the brake system UAZ loaf: design described above, and describing the device of the front brakes, by and large, is identical scheme rear brakes. The difference between the front and rear brakes of a loaf is as follows: brake pads rear are driven from a single wheel cylinder, while ahead of two cylinders.

Such a decision is due to the fact that during braking, the main weight of the car is transferred to the front axle, which needs more effective braking.

 Brake UAZ Loaf

On the brakes

Since brake the loaves drum, it makes sense to talk about the drums. In General, design of brake drums at the UAW is the same for all cars:

All these elements combine in one design is still in the casting of the rim. The drums ensures easy access, because they are removable. Because of this cleansing and verification will not cause serious complications, since there is no need removing hubs, and therefore would not be broken adjustment of wheel bearings.

Finally, we note that the hubs with drums are fixed by the three screws. Interestingly, these screws are unevenly, that allows to set a dryer it is in a position where he was when assembling the system of the car.

As we can see, the device brake system loaf is quite simple, there is only one important caveat: