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Car for avid hunters and fishermen

Lutsk automobile plant has a rich and eventful history filled with the development of many progressive technological solutions, the introduction of daring and original ideas and release of famous cars.

In its time, perhaps, the whole Union knew about a model of the plant as LUAZ 969m.. The celebrity of the Soviet automobile industry began in 1973. But first, consider some features of the entire family of LUAZ 969.

The appearance of the legend

Луазы series 969 were the first cars in all:

 LUAZ front view 969m.

The factory's engineers have worked, creating this creation. Technical equipment hire differed using a range of advanced technologies. So, on each wheel were installed gears, increasing ground clearance. Drive shaft was placed in the pipe, which substantially increased permeability of the model. Wheel suspension was independent torsion. The car differs ease, due to the relatively small number of equipment and presence of полунесущей design.

However, the model had some disadvantages, but because in the early 70's began work on improvement. First of all, the plant's engineers sought to increase engine power. In addition, were upgraded suspension, body, beauty. Changed design of the car, he was equipped with new lighting. The door locks appeared full side Windows, seat belts. Finally, attention was paid to soundproofing and by setting appropriate panels (although there is currently very little confusing).

So the car appeared LUAZ 969m., which, however, did not become more popular, but just kept his position. The reason for this is that the designers did not complete all of their plans because of the limited capacity of the plant.

 LUAZ side view 969m.

Invincible "жужик»

All the same  LUAZ index 969m. today is known to almost everyone, specific complaints from owners he has, and why many people want LUAZ 969m. buy. But before buying, of course, require a careful study of the model.

So, first of all, be aware that this car (it's called "жужиком this is unlikely to satisfy the needs of those who prefer the convenience and comfort. Besides, in the eyes of others LUAZ not prestigious car. Machine is suitable rather Amateur hunting, fishing, also cottagers and just those who are attracted to the products of the Soviet automobile industry.

The General impression from riding on LUAZ 969 m in factory complete set of absolutely all of its owners in two ways:

 LUAZ rear view 969m.

And we all fear."

Patency of this car is simply amazing. Not afraid LUAZ no vyorani field, neither the sand pits, nor abundantly contaminated sites of the forest belt. According to this indicator model of the Lutsk automobile plant is significantly superior to many explorers of the terrain. The reason already mentioned design features, as well as relatively small weight of the vehicle. Significant role in this is played back bridge and lock, allowing to pass all the obstacles on the road "cheers". This is, perhaps, the brightest and the most positive feature of LUAZ, because the similar equipment from all the Soviet SUV is peculiar only to him. By the way, the front and rear axles are of identical design, but because you have the opportunity to provide also lock and the front axle, which will increase the quality running several times.

Another unique feature of  the bagpipes» given LUAZ and this nickname) are gearboxes on wheels. As noted, they have increased ground clearance. But the resourceful motorists found that the replacement of the gears gives the car an even greater thrust. And thanks торсионам, you can lift the body and calm conquer gauge tractors, without fear of difficulties.

If you happen to sit down somewhere on  the belly", and here car show their amazing abilities: turning back transfer, you can easily leave due to the raising of the body during the backward motion.

Note drivers and what LUAZ almost impossible to  the ditch": there are cases when "жужик» continued progress even with two broken semiaxes. By the way, this situation occurs only those owners who prefer installing the engine from the other cars, which is, of course, greatly increases the strain on the carrier. Transfer transfer in LUAZ no, there is only one extra transfer, which ensures out the conquest of even 60% of the slopes. And all this with a factory-engine with a capacity of only 40 PS

 LUAZ patency 969m.

The engine, transmission, wheels

So, cargo-passenger all-wheel drive LUAZ, as we have said, is equipped with a 40-strong engine capacity of 1.2 HP fuel Consumption at speed 60 km/hour and a fully loaded body is 10 liters per 100 km fuel tank is 34 HP Maximum speed according to the manufacturer ’ 85 km/h.

Note that the native engine quite possibly finish up to 50 PS, that is the optimal variant, because the engines from other auto entail excessive exercise, which will inevitably lead to frequent breakdowns.

Transmission is strong enough, problems do not arise. The only difficulty is finding the necessary spare parts. In such a situation have порыскать garages, because, in markets you will not find anything.

The wheel is recommended to put the broader than the factory to increase the permeability of the washed out by rain road. Or you can install more accurate rubber to reduce the noise from the drive.

 LUAZ motor 969m.

Body and beauty

Body model outdoor, 4 seats, folding rear Board. The package includes and soft-tent for the body.

The only serious drawback of the body ’bagpipes" is the susceptibility to corrosion. However, this problem is easily handled through the normal brush, because the shape of the body most simple and specific methods of painting.

Covering, in principle, raises no objections, but fans of the trips forest roads is best to establish a solid metal roof. In this case you will not need to fear breakthrough roof branches.

Many seek to replace the factory-keepers (hanging down), however, note that this design is janitorial allows you to dig through the snow from the windshield without difficulty.

With regard to the salon, the cause certain inconveniences seat, especially on the back. You should also change the door trim and ceiling covering. This will reduce the noise.

 LUAZ beauty 969m.

Price issue

Here it is important to understand: to search for a suitable model must try. In large cities throw up their price tag such that it will be easier LUAZ 969m. buy new. Therefore it is recommended to search in small towns, villages. Depending on the state car and year of the car price ranges from $ 100 to $ 1 000-1 300. Although you can meet and suggestions from the astronomical sum of 5 000 dollars and above.

Summarizing the review of  the жужика", the following can be noted: LUAZ is a kind of constructor, which under force to collect any motorist with a skillful hands and light head. Despite the almost complete lack of comfort, this machine never let you down the path, be sure to bringing the destination. In General, this is the most reliable, faithful and devoted helper, real "man" on the road vasts!