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Car Tiger: the price and technical characteristics of civil and military variants

 Car Тирг: price and specifications

 GAZ Tiger – 2330   design with high traffic and great reliability. This car can be used in any environment, even when overcoming the most difficult obstacles on the road of awful quality. He can withstand any methods of exploitation and reliably protect the driver. This unit does not cease to be of great interest to different managers of the enterprise of Naftogaz. Any representative of the defense Ministry can not pay attention on a car. After all, he can go through any difficulties and lead to victory in the most complicated military situations. Civilian Vehicle Tiger: the price of also attracts the attention of people from the military for a relatively high price, the car has the greatest opportunities.

A bit of history

Tiger was created several years ago by the order of the military departments of the UAE, which allocated for the development of this car more than $ 60 million. In the end, after the presentation of the car the customer was satisfied, but not signed with the company GAS supply contract. But the company did not stop there and continued to develop various models with useful functions. And Gas company was able to achieve success and create some great models car Tiger.

The composition of the Tiger and its purpose

 Car Tiger: photo salon

The machine was created on the example of an SUV with the purpose of transportation of large cargoes and people on the road. It is based on a chassis frame construction, which bears the body and all the rest of the car. Tiger has a steel body with five doors and a large Luggage compartment. This compartment can hold weight up to 1 000 kg. Also in this compartment can fit up to four people. Department and transport any cargo, will be separated from the passenger compartment of a special partition.

Standard Tiger will have a major power steering, wheel gearbox, torsion suspension of all wheels and a box of interaxle differential blocking. Also this car will include automatic paging tires (for the basis the system with APC), a hydraulic damper and the most important main transmission with the limited slip differential. But at the discretion of the driver on the Tiger you can install additional devices.

For example, which is especially important for civil options can be set in this convenient car audio system, air conditioning for added comfort and preheater. You can, at its discretion, add to Tiger device of additional heating, electric winch, электростеклоподъемник and much more.

If you want to block firewall differential, simply find the button on the panel and click on it. For the reduction of the number of transmissions you just need to use a lever, which you can easily find in Tigre. It is worth noting that межколесные differentials will have самоблокировку, which is very handy for the driver. Also, the Tiger will have additional armored version. After all, developers should consider all options and their rich experience decided to make the armored version of the Tiger. Make it not so difficult as it seems.

Initially, you need to welding the case of processed бронелистов about 5 mm each. Then you have to make the vacation to relieve internal stresses. And in the end will armored Tiger weight much heavier than usual and will have a steel body. This body will be so strong, that it can even be dispensed without a frame, which is used often in any armed personnel carriers. To make Tiger unique, decided to make such a body demountable that on the same chassis as the request of the driver, you could install a different body. So now you can install the Tiger private passenger front, with a special platform for cargo and armored body. Thus, the Tiger will be able to translate around 1 500 tons of cargo.

Types of Tigers and their capabilities

Car GAS-2330 Tiger is one of the popular models and is often used by the Ministry of interior employees for transportation in case of emergency or in case of terrorist attacks. This Tiger specially staffed with all sorts of features that are used in a daily work, and even in extreme situations. In it you will find air-conditioning system and bracket for installation of special weapons.

 Car tiger GAZ-2975

GAZ-2975 "Tiger" is also considered to be popular in this series car-offroader of the military series. It will consist of a powerful лонжеронной frame to which and strengthen all parts of the Tiger. It will include a comfortable Czech шестиступенчатую transmission, massive wheels and other powerful details. Inside each wheel will be built sealed gearbox wheels. This can greatly increase ground clearance, to about 40 centimeters. This Tiger will have tremendous energy intensity of the suspension and will be able to choose from the power of 30 millimeters of its course.

Also GAZ-2975 "Tiger" have a bus enormous size, which can at high speed to overcome obstacles even on the roads. Specially to increase passability in this model, made a special centralized system to change the tire pressure. Tiger will have a center differential, which can be easily block splined coupling. The driver will need to just click on the button on the front panel of the Tiger.

Cabin for the driver of this car will be separated from the rest of special, hard partition. Ahead will be able to fit two people, between the seats where you will find a huge tunnel transmission. Of course, the beauty of the Tiger will not have a chic design and leather seats. Everything here is designed for professional military purposes. Usually in the salon will sit military and sometimes even their search dogs. And as the mission often go off road and on dirty surfaces, elegant salon decided to avoid.

 A civilian vehicle Tiger

 A civilian vehicle Tiger: photo

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the Tiger immediately attracted attention. Its length will be about 4 500 mm and a width of up to approximately 2 000 mm, the Height of the Tiger will be about 2 000 mm, and its wheelbase of more than 3 000 mm Capacity Tiger reaches 1 500 kg, and the capacity of people can range from three to ten people. Tiger may climbing up to 45 degrees, and not be afraid of Ford to a depth of one meter. This Tiger will be a turning radius of about 9 meters. 


Вишеперечисленные model Tigers have a slightly different design. To see and compare these models need to see photo hire Tiger and to appreciate their Assembly and painting. You will see pictures of Tiger with a demountable body and evaluate this unique idea of developers. In addition to photos, you can see interesting video test drive and see how masterfully this car will take place heavy obstacles. However, he will do it easily and you can see the entire might of the models of the Tiger.

Company GAS first of all hopes for large orders car Tiger from various military companies. Because the military is very useful this technique to force majeure and for terrorist actions. The more developers are advised to install the rear cab any machine gun, and then the Tiger could become a wonderful combat vehicle for the foreground. Also, the Tiger would fit perfectly for the delivery of civilians in remote places in any military situations. And if to use the car with the armor, you can easily put it on the front line and pass them any obstacles. He will be a powerful machine for off-road driving with excellent, smooth running.

The Cost Of Tigers

Tiger car: buy him a simple man is not so easy and cheap. Now freely buy it  can only different military organizations, and also service of the interior Ministry. Its price will be approximately $ 60 000 and will vary depending on its condition and place of purchase . Other organizations will have to wait their turn. For гражданоской model (not serial проиизводство) cost will vary in the 100 - 120 thousand dollars depending on the filling: leather interior climate control, and other delights. As stated by the manufacturers, they can install in the car any units and устройсива who wish of the customer. Order a car need to at least one year prior to the estimated time of possession :)

 A civilian vehicle Tiger: front view

Now, however, many designers are fighting for the lowering of prices for Tiger. Usually third-party customers take a sample of a couple of models, approximately up to 15, and for a great purchase for many companies simply can't afford. But the GAS company says that in the future will reduce the price of Tiger car about 7 000   - $ 15,000. Developers also promise that after the certification of the Tiger will have better visibility and a much reduced internal noise in the car. According to experts, after the certification of the Tiger will be a wonderful car that comfort can even compete with foreign military cars.