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Cars with icons, recognizable and all like them

What brand cars with icons that are easily recognized even by schoolchildren in Europe's most popular today? Young Europeans prefer to ride behind the wheel of Volkswagen and Audi. To a lesser extent the European youth is interested in cars Opel, Fiat and Dacia. The most popular brand – this is, perhaps, Audi. The young attract model A3 and A4. The second of the desired car is a VW Golf , the third position – BMW. Next, go to the machine Ford and Daimler. Let us also not forget and compact model Mercedes. Budget car brands Opel, Dacia and Fiat for some reason rather poorly engage young people in Europe.

 icon of a car brand audi icon of the brand BMW car

German auto rightly famous for durability and practicality. Buying a car can be no doubt that for tens of thousands of km no detail of the system will not work. All brand German vehicles meet the highest quality standards, when they are created using excellent materials and the latest technology. And running characteristics of these cars are considered the best in the world. Rigorous and painstaking Germans is visible in every detail of the car, whether it's a door handle or different kinds of buttons. The result of this approach, auto from Germany considered the ideal of the automotive industry and is deservedly popular.

 icon of the brand FIAT the icon of the car brand FORD


It is worth noting that the machine popular brands Audi, Porsche, BMW   this is largely cars for fans of dynamic drive, and the comfort and luxury of them are considered to be minor. One of the best German auto brands is considered Mercedes-Benz. These machines have a high level of comfort and unsurpassed quality of execution, and as "the filling" they use the newest equipment. Outwardly cars Mercedes consistently delight, and their technical characteristics are able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding client. The only thing, perhaps, "but    this is their high cost.

 icon of a car brand Mercedes-Benz the icon of the brand of the car Darcia


Although there are also among German cars brands and truly "folk    this, of course, products of the German automaker Volkswagen (primarily the model Polo and Jetta). Looking back on previous versions of popular models of Volkswagen Polo, the Germans recently made a successful finalization of the chassis, which, however, was famous for excellent characteristics, and the last modernization of engines allowed to reduce even more fuel consumption. Changes to the interior design have allowed the car to purchase high ergonomics. And the right to be called “national auto» Volkswagen Polo was due to the excellent combination of low cost and great consumer qualities.

 icon automobiles Peugeot icon brand of car Opel

American cars

At present, the American automotive industry takes the leading place in the list of world manufacturers of cars. Standing once at the origins of the American auto industry, Henry Ford, John Willy and Walter Chrysler not only among the first to make high-quality and beautiful cars, and founded the largest manufacturing companies, many of which exist today. For many years machinery produced in the U.S. were the vanguard of the engineering thought. Classic American cars is a huge five - and шестиметровые auto, gleaming chrome, which easily fits six people. And today, the icons car brands "American dream" are easily recognizable and thrill the fans. For decades automobile manufacturers of America did not try to make their cars more and stronger year by year, and another half-century ago engine with displacement of four litres, for example, was considered modest and quite.

 icon Mercury car brand icon of the brand Chevrolet


In the difficult years of the fuel crisis of the 70-ies of the last century, this situation has changed. The reason for this was also increased attention to the problems of ecology environment. All this made the priority issue of more economical, clean engines. However, versions of vehicles produced for the North American market, as a rule, today few more powerful than their European colleagues. And selling huge pickup trucks and SUVs in the United States steadfastly stand the incessant blows of the global economic crisis.

 icon of the brand Porsche icon brand of car Chrysler


Today the most famous icons of America's cars belong to the representatives of the "big three": Ford Motors, Chrysler, General Motors. Ford also owns the trademarks of Mercury and Lincoln, and GM owned Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, the company Chrysler includes a Jeep and Dodge. Carmakers in this situation have the opportunity to take for a basis of well-sold car, make some changes, such as appearance or picking and then begin to release it under a different brand, thus, attracting new customers. In fact, you receive a number of machines-twins.

 icon Dodge car brand icon of the brand of the car Jeep

The automobile market is sated enough today, but, nevertheless, true connoisseurs of quality, reliable auto often prefer to buy cars from America. Increased demand, including used cars and new cars and relatively rare models. One of the main reasons was low compared with Europe, the rates at higher quality. Because American consumers are generally more demanding to the characteristics of machines. Cars from America are of excellent build quality and durability. Standard equipment of such cars is much richer and more interesting than analogues of Europe. These machines are designed for a very long period of operation, and despite the fact that most Americans choose to change their car every 3-5 years. And on the technical characteristics of such five-year cars from the USA, few are new. Therefore, the market of used cars from USA overcrowded.

 icon Buick car brand icon Pontiac car brand


In recent years many of the world's auto manufacturers are collaborating to withstand growing competition. So Ford owns shares of a Japanese company Mazda, GM actively cooperating with Italian companies, manual Chrysler few years ago entered into an Alliance with the German Daimler. Some American cars (Ford Mustang, Cadillac Eldorado, Chevrolet Camaro) became a cult makes of car with icons, winning millions of supporters around the world.

 icon brand of car Mazda the icon of the brand of the car Cadillac


Chinese car industry

In our days on the market, a huge number of machines, representing budget brand of Chinese cars. Many of our citizens rushed to buy them due to low prices. The enterprise, which today produce cars in China can be divided into two categories. The first of them – the joint enterprises established jointly with the world's largest automakers. Usually this Assembly plants using Western technology, high quality components and, respectively, producing a pretty good product. They are outdated, sometimes taken from the production and modern cars sold in Europe. In particular, a Chinese company, First Automobile Group together with Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda command of their factories. On them it produces outdated Mazda Familia (323) and VW Santana and modern machines –VW Gol, VW Touran, Mazda 6, Toyota Corolla, Land Cruiser.  

 the icon of the brand of the car Xin Kai the icon of the brand of the car, the Great Wall


The second group of companies are fully Chinese enterprises. They produce cars of own developments, very often copying the model of car manufacturers. Also they use Chinese components and assemblies using our own technology. Among them there are both independent (Chery and Geely) manufacturers, and joint ventures with global capital. From this "proximity to  the global technology and depends on the price category of cars. For example, the cost in China Ford Focus commensurate with the price for a similar machine in Russia. Also formed quite «European» prices for cars of marks BMW 320i, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Sonata, Tucson, Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Prado. All they successfully sold and are sometimes be several times cheaper than their original counterparts.

 icon of a car brand Honda icon brand of car Hyundai