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DPS: video tricks

Funny cases with the DSS on our roads now, thanks to video recording technique, easily fixed and deliver many problems inspectors and no less a bunch of fun drivers. Those who have managed to overcome a regular bout with by the inspector, proudly display the records of those episodes in the network as a hunter ’ carcass of a mammoth. And there is no greater pleasure of driving brethren, than to look at the documentary evidence of another embarrassment by the DSS and the victory of his brother drivers. About some of the episodes of this confrontation, I will now tell you.

 funny cases with the DSS

It's difficult in our time to work гаишником! Everyone knows that money he collects a lot, but to give them voluntarily hunters less. Here's how it used to be good - stopped and call any reason, and then just подставляй pocket, yeah don't forget in time to unload, to grandmother were slipped and fell out of the crowded, like breeches, press. And who is dissatisfied – is a Protocol about malicious disobedience, insulting to the enforcement and so on. And understood in such a case, too, always at his side and sign everything that is necessary. All caught, my dear! And in court. And in court of all the rank-plane – “there is no reason not to believe the representative of the government’, get, the pigeon! But how to prove? Whether the case now, when almost every car DVR, and in the pocket of the driver's mobile phone with camera plus the passenger any recorder. And already accumulated a lot of such records online about DPS - video tricks detail the shady side of the traffic police. Here's how then force the driver to give head, especially if he did nothing wrong? It's best just to lure the driver of the car and take him away, and there ’ to understand. But the carrier now also went streljaniy and accidents, and get out from under the protection of their instruments-recorders afraid to know what it smells like.

 funny cases with the DSS

My car is my fortress

And here comes to the car brave boy and the husk sunflower seeds, casually asks documents. The driver, naturally, asks – “why? I broke something?   we Have carried out a counter-terrorist operation», - unclear said a representative of the authorities, сплевывая husk. "Show the document, where it said" asks the driver. "But go, show, they were in the car» - draws policeman. "And not go – bring himself" - grows in insolence drove. Police stares at him, choosing the optimal strategy, it sadly goes away, shouting obscene word. «Mutually!" politely responds driver and independent gas. And that will bring in its beak home this roadside wolf after the change? And than he will share with his superiors? But this fiasco, two – and here you're already on a bad account – did not want to share with tutorial!

How important it is an inspector of the SAI to lure you in any way from your car shows and this episode, when the inspector, stopping the driver allegedly for speeding, even the identity of its agrees to show only the driver comes out and sits in his car. Moreover, it is seen that spare moves the inspectors are not in store, he persistently says the two main spells - "let's go in my car" and “so you refuse to obey the lawful demands?" And when satisfied that – not simply gives the papers and leaves.

Another example of courage and indomitable strength of the driver alone (and that's not easy, believe me) withstood a long siege, never get out of your car, continuously holding them at gunpoint from their cameras, as Anka with a machine gun. As soon as he attacked – and non engines will compare, and first aid kit show, and all you have is not so, but took held on as malchish-Kibalchish before буржуинами – «I do not tell me the cause of the stop – nothing will show" not said, and retreated in disgrace. These are the people and defended Sevastopol and Odessa in his time. So, when the police left, shouted after them – “what should I say goodbye?", and brought upon them the camera. "Bon voyage!  - wish him through clenched teeth polite inspector.

Roll back – policeman goes!

But really, having corresponding documents, shape, stick and flasher cannot dissolve the cage on the headstock? Very possible, say and do the fighters for the order on the roads. For example, the eight-lane road on a busy city street, winter. A police car goes out of the lane and slowly began to cross the highway across the movement, including a siren and light. Naturally, all dramatically inhibit. And so – those who lawfully inhibit receive a kick in the ass. And those who did not dare and drove the same nose cops, after 50 meters inhibits the patrol car as the worst violators of – what are selfish and irresponsible citizens ’ s not missed a company car, ехавшую on official business! And the first police car, deployed, and in the same Way, slowly, is sent back, slowly crossing the dynamic road, howling and enabled flasher. The crop will be collected.

Or behold, all seems good – a police car, cuts jeep Mercedes, go there two in smoke drunk – the police officer and his comrade in mufti and start running behind the driver of the jeep with the intention of beating him. Moreover, as the case they easing themselves immediately on the city highway. These catch-up lasted until the day, when the driver of the jeep called to the police and colleagues attackers, only sober. And again it is unknown who would be in this situation is to blame, if not some passing Amateur zany film, which is all filmed and posted in the Internet. And who ultimately paid the headstock for damages? 'd never have believed it ’ certain drunken police officer, but not the driver of the jeep! And how to live a poor cops? On one salary, as, for example – a simple engineer?

Divorce is a matter of technique

The very important role of technical devices for robbery driver. Another bandit with a gun less награбит than inspector with the radar on a busy highway. Not less important role belongs to another cunning device – measure haze glasses. But it's usually try not to apply, as a lot of hassle and the result is not guaranteed. But a bandit with a gun not always shoots – only in extreme cases. And here, with glass – said the driver – “Now we will measure the light transmission of your tinted glasses" - and he reached for his wallet. But not protect DPS from video jokes armed technique drove! Here they met grated and cunning driver and not frightened. Inspectors waited and waited for, when he pray, and he ’ any    want to measure – measure!" Then they said that the coincidence of the device they have, but I will bring up this very cunning device and the driver then – Khan. And he leaned – take and measure. And finally, the instrument was delivered. Policeman started menacingly over him conjure and finally – show started. "See –the instrument is calibrated, in the initial state shows 99%?   See  - with interest the responsible driver. "And now we are measuring tint your glass – and it turns out…. 99%!" wonders inspector. "And you device was long ago checked? innocently interested in swinging. But no matter how measured glass – and изнури out and outside-in – the smart device shows clearly – 99%, glass and tear of the baby. Left roadside wolves without pains. Only persistence, patience and courage to help you survive in this fight.

And one against a valiant police resist not only difficult, and sometimes dangerous. What can help a camera? The fact that it is. But if you are not in the car represent a very vulnerable purpose and the camera, you can simply take it, at least on the subject of inspection – not stolen. And at the same time and see what you get. And if you do not hand – may and beat it. Do not be surprised, sometimes in police it happens, as they write in such cases, the protocols – «slipped and fell from a height of  all members of the police can confirm even those who weren't there.

Who can be cooler DPS? There are such people…

Well be гаишником: машешь stick drivers, you look at them first aid kit, measuring tint, asking to insurance – and they're afraid of and obey. Because it ’ s power. But even better would be a Deputy, because the Deputy certificate lot cooler against гаишного – as armored against the bike. Here goes slowly on the dividing line Moers, inspector timidly dragging on. Then the following clowning – open the door of the car and quickly the driver got out and sits down from the back seat of a Deputy. And the one who was driving – just walk away. Inspector asks – «and documents?" The one – «all documents – a member of the". Well, to the Deputy if you approach sideways and with General insignias and common inspectors he eats

The law of the jungle says – "strong – run, weak - catch me", and not give you God confused. This law defines now behavior of any officials, therefore it is necessary to struggle not to give a sign that you ’ s weak, no other way to survive. One way to protect is to switch the attention of the prosecuting you predator on a larger and more dangerous prey. Serious fights, no one wants too different result may be. That's got you in the ring hungry and greedy for money inspector, and sew you violation of the rules and how to sew – for growth! And no, it seems, rescue…  But suddenly got the idea! And drove asks severe guardian of law – “what is the most expensive MEPC standing on the sidewalk right behind you, Mr. inspector? And I, as a law-abiding citizen, I demand that you, as a representative of the authorities ’ s stop this deliberate offence!  simply explains that MEPC this – their head ( and he is sure that this is more than enough). But drove arrives and starts a song of legality, the rule of law and equality before the law. And here the officers of the police becomes terribly boring. At first they thought that guy just's sure if it ’ s who in Russia will speak aloud about the equality of all before the law? But then they understood the whole horror of the situation – if they will ignore the request of a citizen about obeying the law and not tackle this мерсом close – they are extreme in possible showdown. And if they require the owner to remove his mercy from the sidewalk – here already precisely meant nothing. They say one алкашу put a keg of beer and a bottle of vodka and said – choose! The poor guy couldn't make his choice and died of thirst. About such a difficult choice now stood in front of inspectors and they found the only way out – was released cage with God.

Video tricks DPS 2012: dashing hit a car of traffic police in the style of Makhno ’ s worth a patrol car on the front, sitting two officers, one talking on the phone. Suddenly traveling past the machine stops and sassy voice requires inspectors to lower the glass in the door. They, not knowing what it ’ lowered. And a young fellow with начальственными intonations starts распекать them for what they are breaking the rules – sitting непристегнутые, and even talk on the phone! Confused traffic cops wear a seat belt and turn off the phone. The guy from the car says – «that's the same!  the car. In my life have I seen so confused persons – whether to catch up the jokers, whether alone.

Not so scary to actually go on our roads? If you live in the woods, you cannot avoid the forest. They stick and Protocol, we ’ s peace of mind and confidence, but the main thing – the record. Record – this is like a bright light, and all left deeds done in the dark. So – behind the wheel, and do not be afraid!