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Holiday collectors car mini copies of the magazine «Avtolegendy USSR»

Series of popular science magazines about the cars of the Soviet era is issued by the publishing house DeAgostini complete with collectibles, models, scale of 1:43. Every two weeks the sale comes a new number. Since 2009 in Russia presented 124 production of magazines with the history of the development of popular and rare instances of the Communist era. They rightfully occupy a worthy place in the collections of the motorists of different ages.

 Collection avtolegend machines of times of the USSR

The editorial line avtolegendy USSR magazine schedule extended until the end of 2014 and now includes a total of 150 rooms. Schedule for 2014 You can see below:

 Magazine schedule 2014

Current releases

Special popularity among the lovers of avtolegend the USSR won the Soviet military jeep UAZ-3171 produced since the  1985 to 1987. Jeep created on the basis of the experimental civic model UAZ-3170 "Simbir", which is preparing for test purposes and was released only in 2 copies. UAZ-3170 was in development for 10 years, until the date of issue of the military modification of the UAZ-3171.

In the penultimate year of the USSR (1990) this SUV existed in 4 copies, paid from the project budget OCD "Car». The project of the army variant SUV in 1982-83gg. successfully went through the trials in the Ministry of Defense and has been protected for further development. After some time, thanks to the project UAZ-3171 was born the third variation of the "Simbira" – UAZ 3172. Designers of the line "Simbir" from 1975 to 1990 were L.A.Starcev, ALEXANDER Shabanov and V.F.Chirkanov.

 A military jeep UAZ-3171

Another avtolegenda having no less popular, started to be issued with 18 December 2013 is a collectible model of the Soviet racing car "Estonia-21». Assume that this car was the first in the socialist countries, the model with prizhimayuschey force of  the effect of the earth". This force occurs when air flow is between the road surface and the bottom of the car curved in the form of an inverted wing. According to the principle of wings R. Sarapom were designed profiles located behind radiators. A model for the creation of the first and only instance of  Estonia» became a racing car of the Formula-1 "Lotus 81" (1980).

He himself Soviet racing car was developed for participation in the competition Formula "East». Its constructor and the first driver, R. Sarap, in 1982 he received a bronze medal of the third place in the championship of the Soviet Union. In 1985. the car was mounted engine VAZ-2106 for the last mileage on the tracks Formula 3. In 1986. «Estonia" sold in Ukraine – according to unconfirmed reports, in Kharkov. From 1985 to 1991, Tallinn OARZ on the basis of the first "Estonia" produced a series of 21M and 21.10.

Christmas surprises

On the first day of 2014 collectors pleased VAZ-1801 "Pony", designed in white colour. This is a rare experimental model in two copies, from designers Yu. Vereshchagin and V. Baranovsky. It was created as an open service for auto exhibitions, parks and resort areas. Unique electric car made a sensation at the showrooms: Recalling "bourgeois" a convertible, it represented the sample design of the late Soviet era. Geometric lines of the body and on the roof racks combined with a trendy two-level interior and narrow black armchairs.

 VAZ-1801 "Pony"

Immediately after the old New Year's fans "Avtolegend" it's time to hunt the following retro novelty. Despite prosteckoe name, "Okhta" could become a symbol of the Soviet dream. Released in the Laboratory PMLA (Promising Prototyping Cars, Leningrad), it was considered to be a generalist, with elevated occupancy. In the modern motor-car construction, OLA is a compact van. The only conceptual model of the times of the USSR fit on removable seats up to seven people, inclusive. Moreover, in  the Okhta» front row of seats can be turned by 180° and even organize a comfortable table of folding seats in the middle rows. Despite the modest running gear (motor and transmission VAZ 2108), miracle of the Soviet avtostroya looked stunning: the sleek, shiny frame steel or pale beige and progressive wheels with alloy wheels. This collection model from DeAgostini made in the shade "black".

The final novelty January

Soviet motorists they shall tremble when one name «chlenovoz». Yes, he ’   the party" ZIL limousine-117, but with an open top. Modification was the name of  ZIL-117V. In the collections avtolegendy USSR model list will be replenished with this mini-copy of 29 January 2014.

 Convertible ZIL-117V

Open variant of the ZIL-117 had a two-door coupe Phaeton and supplied with folding fabric awning, and specially designed mechanism with eletrodvigatelem allowed to fold the tent for some 10-13 seconds. Executive car times L.I. Brezhnev was produced in black and dark grey. As a rule, these machines used in military parades on red square in Moscow and in the parade on the Palace square in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The car was produced from 1972 to 1978. All were released 11 copies of the convertible.

About other models of cars You can learn from periodicals themselves. The main thing do not forget to monitor their schedule!