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Liftovanie suspension SUV

Even the most powerful and expensive SUV is not always able to overcome serious obstacles and certainly compete in offroad not happen. To ensure that your vehicle has become a real conqueror of the terrain, it is necessary to carry out its modernization, the most important part of which is to lift the suspension.

What is a lift? This build-up of the car, increased ground clearance, which is the first stage for the preparation of the car to offroad competitions and simply to improve cross SUV.

Thus, the advantages of liftovannogo car will be the following:

 Kit lift Nissan suspension

How do lift the suspension on the SUV

To increase the clearance of your car, you can go different ways, each of which has a number of advantages. Ways to perform liftovanie suspension few:

1.    The cheapest and the fastest way liftovki suspension is to install the spacers between the springs and bridges. However, in this case, keep in mind that not worth doing this on the front axle, as a huge distorts the moment can not only lead to breakdown, but also to accidents. When installing the same spacers on rear axle is recommended to use additional torque rods, which are attached on one side to the frame, and the other to the bottom of the bridge girders. This, in turn, will prevent damage to the spring and crosses, the cardan shaft, and cranking the bridge.

Another way to lift the spring car a few inches is so nazyvemyy Traction lift, during which between spring and a bridge is inserted a steel beam with a thickness of approximately 2 inches. In this case, achieving the same above effect spacers between the bridge and spring, and no danger of turning the bridge. But we should say that this sophisticated method is generally used only on various shows-competitions and for ordinary lovers is of no interest.

2.    Now for the spring suspensions, it is the easiest and most popular way liftovki – the installation of the spacers between the springs and supporting cups chassis. However, in this case it is necessary to consider, that charms you will not improve.

Another method is to install springs greater rigidity. But this technique does not increase the suspension travel, and in addition, require special calculation, therefore, it is used again only in the "show truck».

Well, and most likely the most appropriate  way to lift SUV with spring suspension can be called installation longer than the standard springs. It is necessary to remember one thing: the angles at which the levers of connecting bridges and the frame, too, are changing, so mounting brackets levers, do not forget to drop lower.

 Lift the suspension of the Nissan Navara

3.    lift suspension SUV with independent front suspension is a complex system. It includes a special front suspension arm and brackets for mounting the mounting brackets lower down reducer of front axle, absolutely other torsion bars and beams, and much more. So do not try to simple tightening torsionov lift the car to squeeze more wheels, moreover, that the tapered torsions still subside, and to return to his position.

Competently finalize independent suspension may only real specialist, though, and it would be expensive, but allows you to get a really outstanding results.

Selecting the option to Refine the suspension

Choose one or another way of modifying the suspension of your car is worth on the basis of the necessary requirements. The most common example – the installation of larger diameter wheels. For such tuning enough will use special spacers. You practically do not make any changes and get these wheels, what you need. Of course for a serious offroad competitions such Elevator does not work, it will be little, and then choose a more serious revision.

Also seriously should approach the issue of who is to be engaged liftovaniem your car. If you have the time, space to work and appropriate skills, some work, for example the same installation spacers can be run independently. In case you are never alone are not even engaged in car repairs, tuning of the suspension should apply to the specialized service centres or tuning Studio. Here your car will be engaged professionals and held liftovka suspension would not impair the driving qualities of an SUV on the pavement.

Of course for many, the solution rests in the cost of these services. Prices are biting, but for such works is not surprising. Depending on the complexity of the work required, and what the price of such improvements can reach half of the value of the car.

 Liftovka Nissan Navara

Risks lifting of the suspension SUV

When liftovke there are also a number of risks associated with it, look at them:

1.  In General frame SUVs are able to endure much more load than he feels normal trips, therefore upgraded suspension, you are not likely to harm the body SUV and his motor. However, in some cases with serious modification better take care not only about a suspension, but also of the body. Naturally the body will be exposed to increased exposure to harmful factors, and therefore a car is best to further process of corrosion, especially if you plan to overcome Brody.

2.  Deciding on the revision of the suspension, you should take into account that some of the components of comfort when driving on asphalt will be much lower. Tough off-road suspension will lead to compensate for the pit and the roughness of the car will be not so easy. If you opposite install more soft suspension, keep in mind that at high speed, you will have worse manageability. In your car, at the expense of the big wheels going to be more noise, while in the finalization of a modern luxury SUV   this is not so noticeable because of good sound insulation in the car.

3.  As a rule, liftovanyy car use in aggressive environments, and, therefore, it is important to think about additional protection of the engine and other units. The most important thing is to set the protection of crankcase, if you have none of it. The second important point is useful if you plan to overcome by car Ford. You will need to install the optional air intake as high as possible not to fill the engine in overcoming water barrier.

 Modified Nissan Navara


In many respects to the ordinary motorist whose habitat is the city and to travel outside the city and especially on the road rare, additional refinement is not needed. If you rarely find yourself in an area with good roads, and have to move through the fields, forests and brodam, then lift the suspension can be a good way out. Ways to upgrade your car a lot, but all of them are simple enough, if determine the requirements to the patency of the car. An exact knowledge of what you want to get the SUV will save a lot on improvement.