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LuAZ 1302 Rover period of perestroika

There is nothing surprising in the fact that all remembered about pretty pozabytom car LUAZ. There are quite good reasons for the revival of this small SUV, which has a truly unique qualities: high traffic, maintainability, price. Last quality – serious argument in favor of this car. In Russia there is simply no terrain vehicles sold at a price at least equal to the cost LUAZ.

 LUAZ 1302 front view

A bit of history

The first precursor of the proposed model now LUAZ 1302 is a Rover LUAZ 967-th produced by the Lutsk automobile plant since 1961. It's curious that car and not are Lada  eight" became the first Soviet front-wheel car.

In the early seventies Lutsk automobile plant combined with Zaporizhzhya (ZAZ). The result was the production of more powerful engine and, accordingly, the new model LUAZ 969. In the 77th began to produce machines with a metal body. By this time already was ready to start the modification 969M.. New car model was the same as its predecessor, engine, but here was established and gidrovakuumnyy brake booster (front line).

In 1990 LUAZ-969M. has been revised and it was given a new index - LUAZ-1302. LuAZ and its various options were issued in the Russian capital on a small enterprise. Accessories supplied Ukraine. Unfortunately, the company has managed to hold out just before the crisis of 1998. Permanent supply and a chronic lack of money forced to curtail production. And because the demand was even in a time - machine-cost only around$2000!

 LUAZ 1302 side view


Characteristics of the car

Outwardly LUAZ index 1302 not different from the model 969M.. Discern the machine is on brushes windscreen wipers, located on the top, Yes slightly modified grille. At first glance, the machine may seem primitive. If you take, for example, a body, it is obvious that in front of you ’ s classic convertibles (when removing the upper door plates), but all the same body LUAZ more likely to be true with polunesuschim structures, because all load keeps floor panel.

Motor vehicle from "Tavria» carburetor MeMZ-245-20, four-cylinder. Cylinders diameter of 72 mm, stroke – 67, working volume 1091 c.c. with a compression ratio of 9.5. Capacity of the unit is – 53 PS or 39 kW at a speed of up to 5600. Torque at 3000 rpm – 80 N/m fuel Consumption of 10 litres per hundred km at a speed of 85 km/H. the Maximum speed of 95 km/H. fuel Type  - gasoline Ai93.

 LUAZ 1302 engine

CPR – four-stage, with reduction gearing nesinhronizirovannogo type.

Clutch LUAZ 1302 borrowed well as the Taurus. On the front wheels is the constant drive, rear can be connected via a lever, located by the main switch of the CPR. The rear axle differential, you can force block, for which there is a separate lever.

Another feature of the transmission – the presence of wheel reducers (spurs gear), which increases the torque and make auto «carrier" road gleam in 28 see, And it's at trinadcatidyuymovyh wheels! All suspension machine is completely independent. This is due to using trailing arms and torsionov.

Brake – drum-type (aluminium drums with cast-iron inserts). To increase the efficiency of the brakes in the front brakes applied gidrovakuumnyy amplifier.

Dimensions: length - 3,43 meters, width – to 1.61 m – 1,754 m upon the basis of 1.8 meter.

Track: ahead of 1.34 meters, rear – 1,335 meters for traffic in the lumen of the 28 cm, minimum turning radius of 5.5 meters, gradeability 31 C in the daytime.

Weight: total weight - 1370 kg, dressed 970 kg , cargo - 250 kg and two people or 100 kg and four people, in a tank can pour 34 liters of fuel.

 LUAZ 1302 dimensions


In addition to the basic model 1302 were also attempts (and not always unsuccessful) the establishment of commercial variants of the SUV.

 LUAZ 1302 beauty

What they say owners

The machine has a perfect niche operation – it is a rural area. Here LUAZ vehicle is irreplaceable, as a commercial vehicle. He is popular with the farmers, fishermen, and hunters. All owners claim that the machine is not perfect in the sense of reliability: failure is not uncommon. But the main and SUV is no denying – it lucky, despising any off-road!

Maintainability LUAZ also higher than any praises. Under the hood you can put not only the engine of the "Tavria", but "Zhiguli", gearbox suitable and from "plows». If the mother is not satisfied with the power, you can do "tuning"; bore cylinders under the 79 mm (like "Zhigulevskoye" engine). Grip you can also put a vazovskoe. Many motorists establish carburetor "Soleks" and is provided with the electronic ignition. Today buy LUAZ 1302 – buy designer-car specifications of which depend on the imagination and possibilities of the car owner.

 LUAZ 1302 inside

The persistence of the machine is surprising; the Internet is full of stories about how the machine could dokovylyat' to the garage, even with the torn radius. It is unlikely that such "feat" on the shoulder any other car of the Russian manufacture. By the way, the design of the axes so is specially made; failure of this item saves from damage the transmission. In spite of the low power of the engine and a small maximum speed, the car easily "pull" rise of 60 degrees, even being gruzhennym.

In 2006, Lutsk automobile factory became a part of the Corporation "Bogdan». As a result of the issue of own SUV was completely stopped. The plant completely switched to production of buses and trolleybuses brand "Bogdan». One can only hope that someday release of this compact SUV will resume.