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LuAZ 969m. tuning to the tourist SUV

Machine features

Refers LUAZ-969M. the group developed in the Soviet Union, produced until the early 90-ies the fuel-efficient cars. The distinctive feature of these cars was that intended to be as having high passability.

Design of the vehicle, as well as trim, to put it mildly, left much to be desired. About the comfort of the driver and passenger to speak of. However, many owners noted really good cross. It begs the only conclusion, that the car will certainly was not created for urban, and first of all for rural residents. Yes, and characterized its always that way. And experience in operation since the beginning of its supplies in sales to ordinary customers has been quite positive. In connection with this seemingly absurd machine found their fans and took a firm place among the machines with high cross.

Consider some positive and negative sides of the car, celebrated, as a rule, its owners.

1.    Positive features:

2.    Negative factors:

Considering all the pros and cons of the car, some supporters of the machine decided that if wedge in its design, it is possible from this unit to get a quite worthy offspring, which meets the modern requirements as terrain, and manageability, pickup, comfort and appearance. Here begins not with the limits of the area of tuning LUAZ-969M..

 Tuning LUAZ 969m.

Engine tuning

On the original auto engine MeMZ-969А having a volume of 1.2 l and power of 40 PS, is clearly insufficient for the title of the SUV. The engine is extremely liked due to air cooling and extraordinary прожорливостью: more than 15 litres per 100 km of Course, such circumstances, nobody will arrange, especially if you have a long way to go on the nature, cross country, where and fill the car is simply nowhere. And this, mind you, in very small weight of the car.

So often been taken a decision to hold in LUAZ 969M. engine tuning. Some tried all the forces upgrade the existing version, others simply exchanged it for another.

Of those who considered more than a simple option, usually, upgraded the engine crankcase. The problem of protection of crankcase LUAZ-969M. is well known: there is insufficient strength. Steel 3 mm thick and clearly разогнется during load impacts, from the banal hits on the high mound or stall in the deep rut. The aim is to replace this sheet is really resistant to bending. If not approach to a problem of too drastically, you can enhance security by welding of the edges of rigidity along the edges of the sheet.

In the majority of cases are replacing the regular carburetor, since the engine quite often deafened. Almost any carburetor can be called the best in comparison with established. Now, only at the expense of the carburettor improved not only start the engine, but also a little power increased: growth amounted to 5 PS

As a correct decision tuning the engine LUAZ 969m. often made his replacement. This is perhaps the most reasonable and effective solution. Known to replace the native MeMZ-969А to other engines of domestic and import manufacture.

Common to set is taken engine VAZ, such as VAZ-2130, with the volume of 1,774 l capacity 76,6 PS, which is a continuation of a large series of engines VAZ-21213. This engine was installed, for example, the "Over". Installed and earlier models, however, have the option of an SUV, so we can't take too weak engine. With such replacement clearly increased dynamics. This is particularly evident at speeds above 70 km/hour. Overtaking by oncoming becomes not only possible but also quite convenient and safe.

Of course, this option does not reach the same Fields with the same engine, but compared with not modernized LUAZ felt quite pleasant convenience. Fuel consumption at this fits in 10 liters per 100 km on the road at a speed of over 100 km/hour, and in the city. Maximum speed cannot exceed 120 km/hour, which is certainly disappointing. Further, the car accelerates the very weak or does not accelerate at all. The result is a noticeable improvement, however, some great heights reach't.

 LUAZ engine tuning 969m.

Known installation option of a diesel engine 1N from Toyota. The engine has a volume of 1.5 l There is one point which is a clear advantage: if water is the engine stalls, which is an important fact for the SUV. However, it is worth noting that the experience of operation of diesel engine capacity of less than 2 liters know that life is short enough, so the choice of this engine should be aware.

Setting this engine runs without problems, even with little experience in tuning, you can spent a week maximum. Impressions from the installation of this type of engine immediately evident. Tractive force considerably increases, dynamics – at the height, manageability, too. Copes well with a fairly steep ascents, while the engine stalls.

You can certainly use other variants of replacement of the engine, however, remember that in all cases, the replacement of the engine it is a standard procedure for registration of change of the structure of the vehicle.

Tuning chassis

With regard to the undercarriage of the car, there is, as a rule, increase suspension, also welcomed the installation of the gas shock absorbers. Complex works with suspension allows not only to provide reliability for long distance transport large loads, but also to increase the smoothness on rough terrain, which reduces driver fatigue and allows to name a journey not only active, but also rest.

Almost no one of upgrades is not without changing wheels. Often installed 15-inch wheels, as well as used tyres known world producers. According to the owners of LUAZ-969M. it affects not only the manageability and mobility, as well as eliminates skidding on steep slopes because of the extremely small mass of the vehicle, but also facilitates the turn of the steering wheel, which positively affects the state of health of the driver in the long tourist trips.

 LUAZ 969m. tuning wheels

Tuning steering

Many recognize the steering system LUAZ-969M. the most complicated and has the greatest number of parts. In addition to the really horrible squeaking wheel rotation we are faced with the extreme complexity of the maintenance and repair of steering control, so during work LUAZ-969M. – tuning of the steering control is one of the most important tasks.

Known variants of replacement parts, steering relevant from Toyota, and simultaneously with hydraulic booster. Agree qualitatively working power steering simply irreplaceable in the SUV, which is constantly faced with loading on a wheel, which seeks to turn around its axis. Impressions of people who have spent such an upgrade, say that a car is completely otherwise behaves in the management. Provides comfort when driving on quite uneven and difficult terrain, which is very important when traveling long distances. Happens also unexpected сваливаний in the deep ruts. Under this option, the replacement is steering wheel adjustment, which is also important in terms of convenience.

Tuning of the body

Of course, if you start up a tune, not only for beginners, but experienced motorist up here'll start thinking over the appearance of the car.

When tuning LUAZ-969M. the appearance of a body, as a rule, is undergoing the least amount of changes. Here the most common is the usual painting in the desired owner tint, perhaps camouflage – this is how someone like that. Sometimes used авэрография.

Still applied Dodger, for example in the form of кенгурятника, but this is more decorative extravagance than the real requirement of the situation. Quite impressive in this respect looks Roo from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and it is not ridiculous, as it might seem, presenting this combination.

Often change headlights with increasing power and range of the beam of light, and tail lights, not so much for visibility, since most of the used car away from the road, how to improve the appearance.

Fiend thrills to be prepared for any unforeseen situations equip the car winches, often at the same time and front and back.

Very valuable finalizing the body is the work with insufficiently strong originally roof. It is subject to strengthen necessarily, because for longer trips, additional cargo placed on the roof of crucial importance in relation to the possible duration of the trip.

This section can be replenished to infinity, because individual style and perception of beauty inherent to each their own, so the car owner, who decided on tuning LUAZ-969M., will certainly pick up his option specifically in this matter.

 LUAZ 969m. tuning of the body

Tuning of the saloon

The interior of the vehicle is far from perfect view of his working destiny. When you try to make yourself an acceptable for convenience and beauty of the car, it needs to be completely replaced.

Most owners would completely change the finish, instead of which can be applied leather or synthetic leather. Organization of high-quality lighting of the cabin. Welcome lighting installation with a capacity of 70 W, it allows to feel comfortable in distant trips.

Some set swivel seat that, at a certain experience in the use of, lets spend the night in the car and not to suffer back pain after that. Besides, there are ways to install also the table in the salon, which allows not only to comfortably eat, but also to place the card or laptop.

Naturally, changes to the impossibility of a poor instrument panel. The easiest way to find something under the devices from the Vase, as this will not have problems with the installation of the equipment itself.

LuAZ-969M. initially not specially designed for operation in harsh conditions, so wait till it quite cold night and not get sick almost impossible. In connection with this mandatory for the autumn-winter trips insulation cabin. Simultaneously makes sense to produce and noise, because at this stage it will not be difficult.

 LUAZ 969m. replacement seats

Custom tuning

There is also a standard for LUAZ 969m. tuning photo which really can be shocking. It would be interesting to review some of them.

The vehicle's design allows you to completely cut off the roof and build in its place mostly any design. Some do so – наваривают arc and receive the slope of the exterior.

 Custom tuning LUAZ 969m.

There was a precedent so extraordinary that it can not be particularly noted: one craftsman decided to adapt another pair of wheels. It is unknown what purpose he had probably sought greater capacity. And probably just wanted to attract attention. The answer to this question will remain a secret history.

They say that the increasing tightness in the area of thresholds, you can overcome the little fords, i.e. machines may have buoyancy. While checking is not recommended.

Providing car tires of low pressure, having the large width when promoting an extremely small mass of a car, you can easily overcome deep enough snow barriers.


We must pay tribute, in most councils experienced owners LUAZ-969M., including not only the full modernization of the chassis and the body, but also the replacement of the interior, the installation of seats of cars and things can get from the machine unparalleled results, and no one will look at Your car with a contemptuous smile.