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Niva the lynx - tuning Fields from BRONTO

Niva the Lynx - armored SUV on the basis of Niva, which is used by collectors and military. The appearance of the Fields on the Soviet market marked a new stage in the development of the Russian automotive industry. The simple design of the jeep opens wide possibilities for tuning used by Russian motorists with average incomes.

 Niva the Lynx - armored SUV on the basis of Niva

Characteristics of the model "Lynx"

To the credit of our designers, the car turned out well. Neubivaemaya suspension, simple design - reasonable expediency broke the records of popularity. Subsidiary AVTOVAZ "BRONTO" successfully upgraded popular model Niva, turning it into an armored car collector type in the early 90's.

 Airbrushing in the Field

Niva "BRONTO" is successfully competing with similar foreign auto brands, surpassing many of its qualities. First of all, this concerns the cross-national terrain.

What distinguishes Lada Lynx-1 from other models of this class? First, a special off-road tires gives the car a high-quality grip with the ground layer and a high permeability in the most unthinkable ways. In addition to rubber, off-road performance increases:

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Niva got four-wheel drive characteristics. The car is distinguished by its showy exterior, increased cabin comfort, too, gives the result:

Where did the name "Lynx"? The name jeep got after an open competition of Amateur models Niva, on the basis of which are issued and SUVs. The model of the "Lynx" all better cope with difficult Russian terrain, confidently overcoming unimaginable obstacles. Running tests were conducted at the Dmitrov polygon. This is a godsend for lovers of riding in the harsh Russian landscape.

 A new Field was chosen by intelligence agencies

Factory tuning

What changes and additions offers works "BRONTO"? These include:

 Standard tuning "Lynx"

At the request of the owner of the factory can install:

Camouflage paint, rear-view mirrors heated and electric adjustable, "liquid" liners: BRONTO completes the usual Fret equipment that transforms her into a car of a higher category - a solid, brutal, and comfortable.

 The variation of the tuning "Lynx"

The exterior body has attracted particular attention: design improvements turned the jeep into a modern, stylish SUV. Powerful halogen floodlights to the upper frame give the car an impressive appearance. Tuning is performed by factory to customer. Also the factory can paint the mirrors body color, install the spare tire in the trunk, replace propeller shafts. Because the tuning from the factory got the certificate of inspection issues will not arise.

In conclusion, check out the video test drive of the Niva model "Lynx".