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Niva tracks - the dream hunter

Each hunter is aware of the problem with reference hunting grounds to public transport, tedious transfer of camp equipment, which weighs not less than ten pounds. Even such a SUV, as Niva can only partially solve the problem, because the cross-car limited to Russian absence of roads, kosogorami and buerakami. So many hunters, tried to realize their dream of establishing a universal Russian SUV, translating Field on crawler progress.

 Caterpillars for Niva

Buy or make caterpillars your own hands?

Caterpillars of the Field can be made with their own hands or buy a ready-made set in the store.  However larvae in the Fields with their hands manufacture will be quite problematic for those who do not have their metal workshop and a corresponding set of tools. In addition, the caterpillars need to find materials such as clippings from a conveyor belt to four lanes and u-shaped steel profiles for their connection. The process of manufacturing of caterpillars time-consuming and requires certain knowledge and skills in plumbing, Woodturning and welded. And because many of the drivers of such conditions and skills, the best thing is to look at the virtual platform for sales of accessories to the cars.

However, and here is the one "but": the cost of the finished design in the online store Assembly are comparatively high. The budget option of caterpillars can lighten your pocket on 286 thousand rubles. With increasing thickness of the metal shaft diameter bearings and caterpillars into the Field, the price may increase up to 365 thousand rubles. But on the other hand the installation of finished articles is easy and takes no more than 45 minutes, the only thing that  you need to do is to further strengthen the bridges car, other design changes SUV is not required.

 Niva tracks

There is another option to "change of shoes" for a Cornfield.  Experts of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant collected tracked vehicle "Metelitsa" on the basis of the five-door Niva. How much is the caterpillars on the Field in this version? If to compare with the prices of Internet-stores, the Chelyabinsk invention is cheaper. The cost of the module depends on many characteristics, the most affordable option will cost 100 thousand rubles. Installation of this design is also simple, but unlike the previous version, the whole process can take more than two hours. Note that Niva on this module will allow you to move through the water, for this chelyabincami were created rapid dismantling of the pontoons. After the end of the off-road RAID, you can reinstall the wheel into the Field, and continue on the asphalt. Weight of the machine together with the module will be about two tons, moreover, the whole structure can pull up to one tonne of cargo.

Patency of the Fields on tracks

Selecting tracks on the Field, owners say many positive sides of such a move:

Which appeared more than 100 years ago crawler progress, showing its unquestionable advantages over terrain for wheeled carriage, also has a dark side:

Anyway, the decision on purchase of caterpillars every owner of the Fields themselves, based on their financial capacity and purposes of use of the machine. If the car is most often used for movement on highways, the purchase of caterpillars for one journey – quite expensive. And for people who are keen on hunting and fishing, such modification Fields will be present to help, because the increased passability SUV in the rigors of the road will surely and safely learn new fish, and go on a long cordons.