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Operating experience of super-SUV GAS Tiger

Multipurpose vehicle gas tiger is designed for use in difficult places. It has several modifications, among which the armored vehicle, civil SUV, military or police car. At the moment "Tiger" is Arzamasskim building plant (AMZ). GAS "Tiger" - the best SUV in the world, according to military experts.

A small excursion into history

History of the creation of a multifunctional SUV originates in 1999. Direct customer was industrial group from the United Arab Emirates Bin Jabr Group Ltd (BJG). In turn, she became an intermediary between the producer, JSC «Industrial computer technologies”, and the customer, the company owned by the king of Jordan King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau. The total investment in the project amounted to $ 60 million. The reason for this order was the grievances of the Arab military forces American HMMWV. The matter is that the Rover USA proved too expensive for repair and maintenance. Therefore, we can assume they are quite reasonably asked to cheaper, but not less than quality products.

 Gas 2330 Tiger

In addition to our own engineers, design Bureau of the plant connected to the project the specialists of the plant with GAS and several aviation enterprises. Of those. the task included the following requirements:

In addition, the time of creation "Tiger" was very limited. Specific terms officially announced were not, but the SUV was ready in March 2001. Car presentation was held in Abu Dhabi exhibition of military technics IDEX-2001.  Tiger" was adopted very rosy, and, under the contract, he had to pass six-month trial. But at that very moment the interest in the project from the BJG disappeared for unknown reasons.

The only thing, there were rumors that using "Tiger" the military forces of the UAE wanted to knock the reduction of prices for HMMWV of American manufacturers. In addition, the company Advanced Industries of Arabia, which owns BJG, started the production of similar models of its own production called Nimr in 2005. As a consequence, the rights to the car, as well as all further financial costs fell on the manufacturer. This is largely gave free rein to designers, so they were able to eliminate the need to prepare SUV to desert conditions. In addition, the positive on the fate "Tiger" influenced contract with the Russian interior Ministry, according to which funding for the project was provided by the internal forces of a state. In the future was also created a prototype of the gas 2975 tiger for the military forces of the Russian Federation. By the way for armored gas 2975 tiger price today is a whopping $ 150,000.

 Gas 2975 tiger military

Currently the plant produces 5 modifications of the SUV. Of them, only GAS-233001 has civil use. In addition to these models, will soon launch of serial production of waiting for the new generation of cars GAZ-3121 "Tiger-2”. Its prototype was first presented in 2006. Now serious proportions gaining advertising company that "monster". Purpose of this SUV – only civilian use. Developers expect the GAS-3121 will put pressure on the Russian market in the American Hammer H2 and H3.

Size-and-weight characteristics

But let's return to our gas tiger 2330. He has impressive dimensions. Body length varies from 5100 to civil to 5,700 for military SUV. Width wheelbase is 1840 mm and the whole vehicle 2200 mm total height 2330 equal to 2 M. the security model above another 50 see

"Tiger" has an impressive size of clearance, which is equal to 400 mm Is considerably more than the same hammer, and allows the vehicle to overcome on its way any possible obstacles. Designers claim that the maximum angle drive for this SUV is 52°.

Gross weight for the model range 2330 varies 6100 to 7200 kg Under this capacity comes up to 1.5 tons. The car has two tank volume 68 liters each. What is important in fuel consumption of 25 l per 100 km

 Dimensions Gas tiger (armoured version)

Design features housing

The car body is kept in the fully welded frame. The design resembles a wing aircraft with longitudinal beams and cross beams. Tiger has in the construction of two transverse arm from the APC, to which the torsion bar suspension. Itself off-road suspension consists of a large number of metal hinges. With their help the engineers managed to achieve unmatched impact resistance. But, the downside remained poor manufacturability suspension and she somewhat complicates the repair of the machine. In addition, swivel design adversely affects the smoothness of a course.

In design "Tiger" you used another item, classical for the APC. This twin-tube shock absorbers. With them, in General, the same story as with suspension. They tolerate almost any load, but the riding becomes much harder.

Armoured versions have a special case material. It is made from bronelistov 5-7 mm thick with heat treatment. The strength of the body becomes so strong that the manufacturer was able to completely abandon the inherent armoured personnel carrier frame.

In General, the design, the car was created with huge reserves of strength. Even a civil model capable of withstanding the most difficult combat tests, not to mention the military. True, this is a bad impact on the total weight of which grew in need of a more powerful engine and resulted in a huge fuel consumption.

 Salogn Gas 2330 tiger

Technical features of the car

The engine and transmission "Tiger" is another story. Gas 2330 tiger civil version comes with turbo motor production of Steyr with a capacity of 190 PS Another engine option for this model 6-cylinder manufactured by Cummins B205, the thrust of which comes to 205 PS He included military and parade model SUV.

Transmission 2330 works in a constant mode of a full drive. It is built similarly gearbox GAZ-66, where the coefficient lock ranges from 2.3 to 4. Specially for a drive on a strong off-road, requires particularly strong pull, the box has a lower gear. Transmission BTR in "Tiger" moved wheel gearboxes, used in the hubs. By the way, vestibule model SUV, AMZ constructed automatic transmission. However, it is unlikely to be interested in someone for permanent use this monstrous machine.

For even greater capacity to overcome natural obstacles 2330 received sealed brake mechanism and system of maintenance of pressure in the tires of the armored vehicles, produced by the manufacturer.

When picking civil SUV yet not particularly care about the comfort of the driver and passengers. While gas 2330 tiger price ranges from 100,000 to 120,000 dollars, standard car does not include modern appliances to ensure ride comfort. So, when you buy will have to pay for the installation of air conditioning, heating, phone Autolock. In addition, the owner shall take care about the audio system and even about elektrosteklopod'emnikah. So for civilian sales, recently widely advertised gas tiger Suite with advanced configuration and improved interior.

Of course, at such dimensions of the vehicle, the control system deserves special attention. Be sure to standard «Tiger" is a steering power steering, otherwise it would be simply impossible to manage. This amplifier has a unique design. Taking for the basis of a conventional steering mechanism, the designers added a special distribution element, valve, which controls the operation of power cylinder.

Brake system includes drum brakes with pneumatic drive. Here the air was used as a working substance to the system, first, quickly reacted to the actions of the driver, and secondly, was more forgiving for brake units.

 Gas engine 2330 tiger

Advantages and disadvantages in operation

If a military vehicle, the priority is the issue of multi-functionality, reliability and crew safety, civil machines are focused more on other tasks. To make the model was a success and demand designers must take care of the following details:

Let's analyze than from the above we can please "Tiger".

With interior designers obviously did not bother. It is made in the best traditions of the USSR. Here and seams of welding not really want to hide, and rivet heads visible. At that the sin to complain about is the capacity of the cabin. Well, still, in such dimensions. Plus manufacturer can be put good sound insulation. However, if such was not, SUV would just be unusable, because the noise when driving it very much. For additional payment you can apply to specialized service stations to change the upholstery. The manufacturer yet does not provide services, although there is some hope in this regard at the "Tiger 2».

Too many do not think about the specifics of driving of the car and prefer to first gas 2330 tiger buy, and only then to master the transport. But here we should not overlook the huge machine clearance, which leads to very high Seating position and unusual angle of the road. So offhand, height of the window "Tiger" somewhere on the level with the roof "gazelles». And that is convenient not for everyone.

One of the bad things that some elements, such as a distributing unit, are practically in the cabin and separated only by soundproof partition wall. If noise somehow managed to cope, then a slight vibration is still there. Not critical, but in future models that would be worth something to do.

But the really serious problem — this is the behavior of the "Tiger" when getting on an asphalt track. Like it did the Russian machine engineers, not from hearsay knowing about the state of the roads in the country, but this detail is missed. In General, in such areas, the car starts badly led, so that accelerate via Chur not worth it. Or, at least, should really get used to the controls before you decide to test the speed performance.

Well and the last significant minus – the cost of the car. Here it is not even so much about the price SUV sales, how about the cost of parts and service. And this despite the fact that the car was originally Russian production. In addition, fuel consumption is unbelievable. In General, "Tiger" - it is not for everyone.

 Manageability Gas 2330 tiger

And now for the most enjoyable part and discuss the main advantages of this monster. Just want to say that to hammer have no one modification pass, that at least approximately obtain, as the gas tiger characteristics. When all dimensions and mass, GAS easily reaches the highway $ 100 km/H. thus, the factory limit of 160 km/h is not the limit for him.

Well, on the roads this SUV is simply no equal. The manufacturer's maximum angle drive in 52°and at first suspicious, to be confirmed at the first trial. This car is simply created to overcome the obstacles in its path.

General impressions of the car

A little podsummiruem. "Tiger at the moment, the best SUV in the world cross-country in difficult terrain. But he, at the same time, has its drawbacks, among which the incapacity of the Russian producer to create a modern design that can appeal to fans of heavy jeeps.

In the near future it is expected the appearance of the luxury modifications, which probably will be able to little to tip the scale from hammer. We hope that our "Tiger" the future is bright, as in military sphere and on the city roads.

In conclusion, we offer you to show demonstrates the "Tiger" video: