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Operating experience of the GAZ-66

Cargo terrain vehicle GAZ-66 from times of the USSR perfectly has recommended itself in the most different spheres of use: military, agriculture, transportation to hard to reach areas of mountain, forest areas, etc. In his time on the part of overcoming obstacles and difficult areas of the terrain with a truck model 66 few could compete with similar domestically produced cars. To say the constructor of the GAZ-66 (in the vernacular "Шишиги” – A. D. Prosvirnin did its best. Start of serial production of the car belongs to 1964. Mass production of the machine lasted until 1995 (certain models – up to 1999).

 GAZ 66

The body of GAZ 66

Body length of the car is 5805 mm, width – 2322 mm, height – 2520 mm, which, however, very compact; wheelbase – 3300 mm At the front wheels track width – 1800 mm, rear – 1750 mm, that is, even on a normal track the vehicle must not go beyond the track, not to mention the dirt roads. The unladen mass of the machine 3,640 kg, the full – 5970 kg Load on the front axle – 2715 kg, rear – 3055 kg Car provides payload of 2 tons on any, even very complex terrain.

Cabin GAZ 66 is located above the engine. Of course, it improves the visibility of such бескапотного options, including due to the altitude. But constantly "take" this height, sitting in the car and leaving it ’ s fun, according to many, is doubtful. In addition, many car owners considers the size of the cab small: while driving in heavy traffic conditions or on the roads of the risk of injury on the solid surface and on the edges of the cockpit from the inside. Also noted that on the territories of military conflicts machine was increased danger at blasting of a mine located in the booth, which is located directly above the wheels. Another disadvantage of this location becomes the difficulty of access to engine compartment. However, winning falls on the more compact size of the car and even weight distribution on both axes.

 GAZ 66 cabin

Technical characteristics

The engine of the vehicle used the 8-cylinder carburetor, displacement 4250 cm3, calculated on gasoline brands AI-76 and AI-80. Maximum power he develops 115 horsepower at 3500 rpm, which is quite missing the owners even in extreme conditions. On the GAZ-66 diesel installed rarely (usually engine D-245 or D-243). The maximum attainable speed – 90 km/hour. Meanwhile, some note that in self-withdrawal of the limiter is possible to accelerate and up to 110-120 km/hour, but the engine in this case, works hard, and his life is significantly reduced.

It is worth noting that for the GAZ-66 specifications designed precisely with regard to use in difficult terrain. Gearbox ’ s manual, 4-speed transmission, with synchromesh on the 3rd and 4th gears. You can use the reduction divider to overcome the extremely steep slopes or for driving with a trailer that successfully finds use among car owners. It is possible to disable the front axle for improved fuel economy on flat roads with good covering.

Normally the Шишингу with 2 fuel tanks of 105 liters for a total power reserve of more than 800 km of calculating declared flow 21-24 liters per 100 km, depending on the speed of motion. But in real conditions, as we all know motorists, these figures will be different, and not for the better.

 GAZ 66 engine

GAZ 66 tyre size has 12,00-18. The presence of such special rubber makes the car more adapted for use on mountain roads or even on the roads. These well-designed bus allow the vehicle to successfully overcome the mud, snow, loose and rocky surface. However, at the turn of the machine need a circle with a radius of at least 19 meters. Some drivers noted that turn around, say, on a small clearing in the forest at first you don't succeed, but this issue is not significant.


Increased maneuverability of the machine becomes possible thanks to the actuator on both axes and use on both axles самоблокирующихся differentials. The owners of praise sufficient road lumen 315 mm, allows to overcome obstacles even in the form of small water bodies, the depth of which, by the way, may significantly exceed himself clearance. Helps motorists system, tyre-pressure regulation: in the truck has the compressor motor driven to tire. Also a positive effect equip the engine with starting preheaters.

Since the machine has a separate hydraulic braking system with vacuum booster, move with the engine switched off coasting not work, unfortunately many drivers. But the presence of hydraulic servo steering allows users to more easily deal with turns on difficult roads.

 The GAZ-66 with a winch

An important benefit of the vehicle centre of gravity is balanced and the load on the front and back axle almost aligned. Because of this machine is able to land on all four wheels without a blockage of the cabin when jumping with small obstacles-jumps, which makes it especially popular GAZ-66 military when used in the airborne troops.

Gas prices 66

Because the truck has long taken out of production, the prices of the available second-hand copies are very different. Cars on the road, but without the extra frills and require the partial repairs in the provinces can be found for 70-130 thousand rubles. Moreover, the lower the price, the more readily respond buyers: usually it's people are poor, terrain, remote from civilization. Meet and “нафаршированные" options machines, with partial replacement of the equipment, improvements, etc. the Price they asked for 200-350 thousand, and it is far not a limit. But particularly in demand, by the hotel owners, such instances do not enjoy.

A separate line is to mention all sorts of trouble model skilful hands. One of the options, causing admiration, became the  the Sand" Kyrgyz workshop which has the name "Retro".

 Alteration Of The GAZ-66 -

Equally respected deserves another development – successor of  the Dune" the GAZ-66 Bulat, manifest to the public at the Alma-ATA Autoshow 2008. It is a diesel engine from Mercedes, the design of the same – almost Zavodskaya happy with organic, and design – very attractive. However, the price can deter many fans "Шишиги» - $80-100 thousand people.