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Operating experience of the GAZ-69

In the early 50-ies of the last century began the production of the legendary GAZ-69. As is known, published this "the Worker" (just this nickname was originally given to the vehicle) in two modifications:

This SUV has received recognition practically everywhere, and on the collective farms, and military units, and even in the polar regions. Note also the fact of coming out of the jeep on the international level: the delivery of the car had been undertaken in many countries and the DPRK and Romania have established a separate issue.

 GAZ-69 front view

What is hidden behind the appearance of  the Worker"?

Let us consider the device GAZ-69. The car has the hallmarks of any Soviet car with all-wheel drive: first of all, we are talking about the large leaf steel frame. The car body is covered with a tent, inside there are all the necessary accessories for fastening tools. The car is equipped with powerful enough stove, which, unfortunately, has not kept their working abilities to date (at least it is celebrated by the majority owners). A significant advantage of gas is the availability of warm airflow to the windshield.

Engine 4-cylinder, working volume is a little more than 2 l, max capacity reaches 52 PS at 3600 rpm For such a vehicle engine is really good: consumption of gas at speeds up to 90 km/hour, which causes sincere amazement on the part of other drivers. Fuel consumption is approximately 16 liters per hundred, but we should not forget that a second tank, which increases the distance between recharges up to one thousand kilometers. There is an engine with a three-speed manual transmission.

 GAZ-69 engine

Love at first sight

To date, this SUV has received a wide application in crosses and trialah. According to the owners, the machine is ideal for competition on the road, and for vnegorodskoy drive at all. At a high level of 69 gas permeability – it is not afraid of snow, steep climbs, excessive accumulation of dirt. – this is not surprising, because the clearance of the car is as much as 210 mm Besides the excellent abilities to conquer the off-road car is characterized by a rather powerful thrust. In this regard, it is quite popular among motorists was to compare the SUV Gas tank, strong, reliable, durable tank.

Owners say such dignity of  the Worker»:

Moreover, among the pros "gazika" celebrate this unusual dignity as a convenience benches in the body to… sleep!Indeed, the 8-seat modification is equipped with quite hard benches, which is ideally adapted under the beds.

 GAZ-69 rear view

The enormous success enjoyed by the car GAZ-69 of its happy owners, due, perhaps the most unusual, but such an important quality as the spirit of the car. Indeed, once inside this legend, you can feel the imprint of the time, and the specifics of the auto industry, more than half a century ago, and even (as noted by one of the owners) "smell Tips». All of these properties together give the driver confidence and peace of mind on the road.

Certainly not devoid of this creation and drawbacks, among which, first of all, there is:

 GAZ-69 beauty

Given that the production of the car was terminated long enough, quite naturally there is a need in a kind of restoration of gas, what I would like to talk more.

How to put on your feet "old"?

So, your fleet was replenished "Worker». The first step after the acquisition of GAZ-69 – the repair. It is explained by the very simple and banal reason: the original Constitution the car does not meet the requirements of modernity. If the previous owner took care for "gazikom", you do not have a particularly bother. However, in most cases, this work will be considerable.

Here it is worth to pay attention to another disadvantage of car: to get native parts is extremely difficult, and therefore have to collect the jeep like a designer from different kits. Although, on the other hand, it is a plus: because there is a space for fans of tuning.

The engine is usually needs slight renovation, but if you don't like the factory to 90 km/hour, it is possible to set a different engine. Besides, it can be like any other GAZovskiy engine (gas 21, GAZ 24)and overseas (for example, some owners have established the engine from OpelFrontera). But remember: most comfortable speed for gdannogo jeep yet will remain at the level of 80-90 km/h.

Seat likely to have to replace, for they are for people of small stature. In addition, as noted above, rear bench is quite possible to transform under a place to sleep. Yet the trouble with the stove, because with rare exception of its heat in winter will not be enough.

Holders recommend to replace the springs on softer, for example, as  a loaf" (UAZ 452)as the original, though different strength but on comfort affect very negatively.

Finally, note that the passion fans of fishing and hunting in this car. Equipping it with the hoist, lifting, spotlights, you will get the perfect "horse" for attacks on the nature. And some drivers set the wheel of the GAZ-69 larger diameter and alloy wheells, due to which a car, and so not obdelennoe attention on the road, attracts more envy.

 GAZ-69 tuning

That means we need to take

«Truzhenikka  considered to be a masterpiece of the Soviet automobile industry, and this is no accident. Despite its age, this SUV is able to give odds to many to their foreign rivals, on the expanses of Russian roads he calls the unconditional respect and reverence. Of course, its hard to make his only "iron friend", but it could easily become your reliable companion on the conquest of the terrain, participation in competitions and easy shipping. In General, the car is good, but, unfortunately, the issue has stopped.