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Raise UAZ "Loaf" to improve cross

The famous loaf quite often exposed to various upgrades, as it has significant potential for it, and also is the owner not too expensive. Tuning UAZ 452 own hands is quite possible, if this approach responsibly and competently. About this we will: learn a few tips to help you make the correct lifting.

 Raise UAZ Loaf

The basics

Before describing how to raise UAZ loaf, make it clear that there are two types of lifting the car (depending on exactly how the intervention in the structure of the vehicle):

The first option is more simple and at the same time a much greater degree of security. Where is the security? The fact is that body lifting does not practically change the center of gravity of the vehicle, maintaining sustainable behavior loaf on the turns, on the roads.

With regard to lift the suspension, there is a certain risk by raising the center of gravity, but this method greatly improves permeability.

On each of these ways to talk more.

Body lift

Elevator body UAZ loaf made using spacers, which are located between the frame of the vehicle and its body. When choosing concrete spacers note that the most responsible parity the price-quality are aluminum spacers. They are durable and provide a rigid body to the frame, besides on the market in a fairly wide range. Note:

Setting the spacer, the owner of the loaf in any case will have to be cut arches and wings. After this is done, we recommend setting the side mud flaps that will protect the glass from the dirt.

There are different types of spacers, some of which frame UAZ loaf of moving away from the body at a distance of up to 80 mm And in conjunction with large wheels this increases the ground clearance by as much as 15 see

 Лифтовка UAZ Loaf lift-kit Ironman

Lift suspension

Elevator UAZ loaf, implemented by the increase of the suspension, as already mentioned, increases significantly the centre of gravity of the car. Therefore, when choosing what to lift the suspension, to consider:

High risk of overturning may be eliminated in the following way:

Expansion gauge, among other things, can be achieved through the installation disc brakes, and the problem with карданными shafts can be easily solved by the installation of the shafts elongated and spacers between карданными bridge flanges.

There are several specific ways to lift the suspension. Each of way depends on the final height лифтования:

1. Easy-lift

If the preferred height is small, lift kit UAZ loaf will consist of only additional sheets for springs. You may instead put the other springs with a large number of sheets, or you can just set earrings springs longer.

2. The average Elevator and high lift

When there is a need in лифтовании on 30 millimeters, you only need to install between spring and bridge the strip, it is very effective. If this option does not suit, you can do so in brackets fastening of springs spacers. These methods are good that retain all the original parts, and allow yourself лифтовать at different height.

 Lift the suspension UAZ Loaf lift-kit Ironman


As we can see, to be able to do lifting UAZ loaf: own hands or not, but still possible. Only need to be able to combine body lift and a lift suspension. Very well, if it will be combined some elements of these two options. In the end, you can make significant changes in indicators.