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Review of prices for UAZ Patriot different years and models

The price of UAZ Patriot Russian Ulyanovsk automobile plant of interest to many buyers. Because the plant is internationally known as a manufacturer of multi-functional and reliable all-terrain vehicles. All models UAZ popular with its modern facilities and the ability to carry anything on difficult passable roads.

The history of the production of UAZ Patriot

Ulyanovsk automobile plant produces several models of cars UAZ, among which a special place is occupied by the UAZ Patriot, prototypes of which were presented in 2003, and serial production began in 2005.

The basis for the creation of the car was the UAZ-3162, produced in the period 1997 – 2004, This full-size SUV with excellent body proportions and great beauty. Front seats have different adjustment, and if you triple fold rear seat, will increase the area of the cargo compartment. This model is equipped with a gasoline engine with fuel injection with thudercats transmission.

 UAZ Simbir

From its predecessor Patriot inherited chassis, frame and body, engine plug-in all-wheel drive. He has undergone more revisions and changes, both internal and external:

 The dashboard model 2012

Model UAZ Patriot

SUV UAZ Patriot is available in three standard configurations: Classic, Limited and Comfort. In addition, in June 2014 have been launched exclusive model Expedition, UnLimited, and Trophy. They differ from each other in certain characteristics:

 UAZ Patriot Comfort

 UAZ Patriot Trophy

Rates on different models

Review of prices for UAZ Patriot different years and models based on data from the largest auto dealers and presented in the table. The cost of a used car depends on the mileage and the overall condition of the car, new – from their equipment.

UAZ Patriot is improving with every year, is becoming more modern, reliable and convenient machine. That is why many buyers have seriously compare it with foreign SUVs, especially since the price on this car at least 1.5 times lower. And if you buy a good used car, it is possible to benefit substantially in the material plane.