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Russian floating tourist SUV

Automobile LUAZ 967 started his way as a military machine, he continued his way in time as a civil model, but in our century is used mainly as a vehicle for tourist trips. He largely ahead of its time. First, consider the story of its creation.

 LUAZ 967

History of creation

The Korean war, there was an urgent need lightweight, able to swim all-terrain vehicle that would be able to bring up the ammunition, which would be able to evacuate the sick and towed mortars and easy tools. So it was decided to create an entirely new model of a military vehicle with all the declared requirements.

Development of the first sample of this machine started in the 50-ies in the US team led Фиттермана B.M.LEVITAN the Resulting vehicle called "US-49». However, this vehicle quickly ceased to be in demand  because of his major shortcomings as a low-power engine and quite brittle plastic enclosure.

The second prototype of military cars was created with the participation of the engineering professionals with Zaza. This version was the name of  the US-049А». Its distinctive features are:

There were still a few minor changes to the vehicle, and in final form, the machine has received designation LUAZ index 967 and started being manufactured at the Lutsk plant since 1961.

 LUAZ 967 side view

Car specifications

So, appearing before us a powerful estimated to those times TPK LUAZ-967 was intended for use in tactical formations units that close contact with the enemy.

It is worth to say that it was the first Soviet car, which was used adjustable steering column and switchable four-wheel drive. Its curb weight was 950 kg, and the total 1350 kg thanks to such a relatively small weight of  the car has excellent maneuverability. Ground clearance LUAZ-967 was a whole 285 mm Height with lifted the windscreen - 1580 mm

The Rover established the petrol engine with air cooling, MeMZ 967А displacement 1.2 litres and capacity of 37 horsepower. Агрегировался motor 5-тиступенчатой manual transmission. This engine could reach speeds of land up to 75 km/and by water up to 3 km/H. fuel Consumption per 100 km was 10-12 liters, with the capacity of the fuel tank was 34 liters.

 Engine LUAZ 967

It is worth saying that such technical characteristics allow to use LUAZ and today, not only as a military vehicle, of course, but as a tourist vehicle. His original gearbox ensures lower levels of a large off-road spacious enough fuel tank allows to make long-auto-transition integrations . In addition, this vehicle is also possible towing a trailer weighing up to 300 kg

Peculiarities of operation in our time

Unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult to find an instance of this model, which would not have been altered. So lovers of the rarity at times to have to go to separate cars for thousands of kilometres, mostly to residents of remote villages. However and these people Луазы 967 are worth their weight in gold. Few of them agrees to sell my car.

 LUAZ 967 beauty

Among the advantages of the current owners of LUAZ-967 are:

Category motorists who buy LUAZ model 967 today are avid hunters and fishermen and lovers of extreme auto, therefore, in order to adapt the car to such conditions they necessarily by tuning car, namely, a low-power unit is replaced by a more powerful, usually imported motor and the adaptation of other systems of the car under it. It is due to such alterations, this lightweight domestic Rover gets his second life. And, most importantly, become SUV for an active holiday, and then the car of a rarity.