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Secrets of operation of UAZ 469

UAZ-469 - the legendary off-roader, which is popularly called the "Goat" or "Bobik"  rolled out the Ulyanovsk plant  in 1972. Although its production ceased in 1985, many motorists remember this car, as one of the best machines with amazing cross.

Most owners to claim that the car UAZ 469 is able to easily pass any obstacles, and he's not afraid of a scattering of stones on the road or steep slopes, nor the deep Ford. However, having such a vehicle, many argue that you need to know how to properly monitor him, so for those who recently purchased this machine or only wants to make a purchase in the near future, we will reveal the most important subtleties of its operation.

 UAZ 469 front view

Technical characteristics

Before proceeding to the subtleties of use of the vehicle, it would be good to learn about its technical characteristics.

Equipped with SUV 4-cylinder carbureted engine UMZ-451МИ volume of 2.5 liters. Aggregated, such engine UAZ 469 with 4-хступенчатой manual gearbox (with synchromesh on the 3rd and 4th gear). The engine produces 75 horsepower and a torque of 2200 – 2500 rpm.

 Characteristics of the body UAZ 469

As fuel can be used petrol A-72 or A-76. The car has two fuel tanks of 39 litres, and the fuel consumption at 90 km/h speed is 16 litres per 100 km, the Maximum speed with the full weight of – 100 km/H.

Since the engine is the heart of any machine, then it would be logical to consider the ins and outs of launching such a unit under different weather conditions, especially if Your new UAZ 469.

Subtlety when you start the engine

Engine start at zero temperature has its own peculiarities. First you need to place the shift lever in neutral position, pull the stick all aerial throttle of the carburettor about half and immediately after this, turn off the clutch and turn on the ignition. The starter need to keep it turned on before starting the engine itself. But do not keep it so for more than five seconds. The intervals between the activation of the starter shall not be less than 10 seconds.

Once the engine is running, you should immediately release the key of the ignition switch. After that dip pen choke up a position, which will provide the lesser frequency of rotation of the motor shaft. Now let the engine and gradually recessed handle control the air damper to the stop. It is worth noting that the coolant temperature has already warmed you motor must be not less than 60 degrees.

Notice immediately is very important subtlety with such a warm-up. In any case impossible during the operation of UAZ 469 for accelerated warming to drive a car on high frequency of rotation of cranked shaft of the engine.

In this case, you will have to disable the oil cooler. After that, close the blinds of the radiator and install special insulating cover facing for the radiator.

Then you'll have to turn the handle of a crankshaft of the engine. Turn it by about four turns. Then, you pull the handle choke carburetor to the maximum. Next, follow the same steps as when the engine is started at zero temperature.

 UAZ 469 engine

Immediately draw Your attention to the fact that the need to start a cold engine only after prior warm it with starting preheaters. But if at the moment of start you will not be prestarting heater, you can simply shed through the cooling system of hot water.

If you do preheating hot water, you should always pour into the radiator. Do not forget to drain the water from its cooling the cooling system. This can be done through a special drain valve. Just remember that after the system would again fill with hot water. Thus, warm up the entire system until the crankshaft of the engine starts to rotate. Rotation should be easy enough with well felt by the compression in the cylinders.

Also it is recommended to heat the hot water inlet piping, water on him the need to pour gently, slim jet to heat could have time to be transmitted to the pipeline. After that you need to crank out a hand fan to eliminate possible freezing of the impeller, the pump in the cooling system. Then all you need to do the same principle, as described in the previous section about the start of the engine at temperatures up to minus 15 degrees.

Here, too, there are a couple of subtleties, which you must always remember. When you run the hot engine does not need to cover air damper carburetor. It is not advisable to press sharply on the pedal throttle control, as it can lead to переобогащению combustible mixture and will not give you the opportunity to start the engine.

But if you still combustible mixture was переобогащенной, then you need to blow all cylinders air. To do this, gently press the pedal and the throttle of the carburettor to the maximum. After a very quick turn starters crankshaft in the engine a couple of turns.

 UAZ 469 side view


During the operation of each car is the deterioration of the technical condition of the car UAZ 469 is not an exception. In order to increase the lifetime of the machine and the time to prevent malfunction need to know and intricacies of his maintenance, namely the maintenance of all existing mechanisms.

Consider some important points:

 UAZ 469 rear view

Still a few tricks operation of UAZ 469

Of course, know all the details of the car may not even, perhaps, the manufacturer, so we will try to tell You all the maximum. Thus, even a few tricks:


Now, we hope you have understood all the subtleties in the operation of UAZ. You can easily use all the advice above. They checked again, and helped many of the owners of this car. However, if you cannot find the answer to any question in this article, we recommend you to once again look into the user manual on the operation of UAZ, which must be attached to each vehicle.

We hope that after reading this article, you can easily start the car UAZ at any temperature, will know when to change the oil and maintenance.