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Simple tuning UAZ hunter

Domestic cars, despite the existing criticism in their address is in great demand not only as an option for budget cars, but as the object of various modifications enthusiasts tuning. Especially popular tuning UAZ hunter due to its relatively low cost and constructive simplicity. Car experienced a lot of experiments and proved its suitability alteration for any needs.

As is known, the tuning is a “finishing" machine "mind" by improving certain of its elements or replace them with other, maximally satisfy the requests of the owner of the details. Multi-level tuning of any vehicle, including the hunter, requires a serious approach, thinking through all of the proposed changes and, of course, there are sufficient funds. But we will consider other options, those not represent special complexity and are valid in the home.

 UAZ hunter original

That you can swap out?

For a simple redesign of the UAW in the first place is the outer tuning of the car. Here all depends, as a rule, from where you intend to operate the machine. Consider several options:

1. The easiest can say that the basic variant of tuning for country use includes:

To do this "upgrade" it is not hard, but Your hunter will become a reliable assistant, for example, on a hunt.

 Tuning UAZ hunter for загорода

2.  In the city extremely sympathetic will be the next option:

All this pleasure will cost not too expensive, but look like cars will be much more effective.

 Tuning UAZ hunter for the city

That you can change inside?

Lots of offers for UAZ hunter tuning of the saloon. Here in the first place, attention is drawn more on comfort, not on the use of the vehicle, so you can do the following:

 Tuning of the saloon UAZ hunter

All the options considered are the elements of the simple and inexpensive tuning. At the same desire to invest in your jeep and get this "monster" off-road it is necessary to study other, comprehensive and multi-level "upgrade". They include Elevator and body, and replace the radiator of the cooling system, batteries, installation of new air-conditioner, even the replacement of the transmission. In any case, difficult tuning will or simple use of the most common ways not deprive the car originality and impressive appearance.