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SUVs: video of passing off-road and dirt

Jeep - without exaggeration, the king of terrain. Where ends the route and begins an impassable mud, only its powerful motor and high ground clearance give the driver the opportunity to feel a master of the situation. Before you SUVs: video tells us however that whoever was behind "the steering wheel”does not feel complete control over the road.

SUV — not a luxury, so enjoy driving a different kind. The feeling of joy comes in the ongoing battle with the machine, similar to the rider attempts to rein in powerful необъезженную horse.

 SUV off-road

Yes, all these charms are driving off-road cars can be experienced on their own skin, you need only pull on a pair of tens of kilometres of well-groomed motorway, and here they are: the place where the little asphalt, but a lot of the impassable mud   native element for jeep, where crossovers better not to drop.

Nice to here there is a sense of superiority over other motorists. Not surprising, because the "mostly indestructible» suspension, "a herd of horses" under the hood, powerful high tires   this is a guarantee that no bumps, holes and impassable dirt become jeep serious obstacle, and for other cars there just isn't the place.


Jeeps no dirt or off-road not afraid

It seems that a side wind, and sharp turns and bumps on the road - all these factors came together and focused simultaneously with only one goal - to bring the warrior to exhaustion and knock it off course. Jeeps in the mud: video will show us how massive high machine swinging on the go along and across. It seems a bit more, and dynamic corridor will increase so that the SUV will be hurt side obstacles. Yes, adrenaline be sufficient for all: the warrior, and the spectators.

Frankly, all-wheel drive vehicles is produced today is a huge amount, but real SUV of them - one. Look at the photo jeeps, you will see the grandchildren of famous cars - veterans of the second world: "Jeep Ренглер" - a descendant of the legendary American "Willis", no less famous "land Rover defender" and, of course, domestic "UAZ", on an equal footing with their foreign «colleagues" cleaver dirty lake on the roads.

Practice driving on soft ground

 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Have you ever ride on the jeep? If Yes, then you are probably confirm that this car is not for pampered persons. Feel it start as soon as you sit behind the driver's seat. With a metallic thud closed the door, turns the ignition key, and you whole body feel the shudders body, as if impatient, following the powerful motor road.

Now is the time to appreciate the interior of the mighty machine. As a rule, it is not deprived and some finesse, especially if the finish is produced with the use of expensive high-quality materials, and all the details are perfect. However long to relax don't have to: the motor warmed, so now it's time to sit back, relax and don't forget to buckle up.

A pause and SUV accelerates, first as if unwillingly, but in a moment his wheels begin to flail with such force that on wet soil, the machine starts, even a little bounce to the beat slipping.

Video SUVs on the road in the dirt captivates from the first minute. Together with the driver you are covering wave of acceleration, which constantly increases together with the growth of the tachometer readings. Now is the time to focus on the management of the iron horse, as this process requires from the driver high voltage attention.

And that's before us obstacle, does not surmountable for normal "SUVs  - the hill with a broken slushy gauge, not to get caught up in which only the best of the best among the rulers of the terrain. Turn on the second reduced, and our car, in issuing its diesel triumphant roar, naturally goes up, reaching peaks for some seconds. Now there is reason to mentally laugh at the wisest electronic assistants descent from the mountain, because they are completely useless. Include first reduced and release the pedal - the job is done.

Congress votes for such vehicles is also key. Here in winning the SUV, which has longer stroke of suspensions and shorter overhangs. Video jeeps does not relax: car being the front wheel is already on the rise, and rear ’ s still on the descent, was stalled, but, all the forces trying to catch unreliable ground, took the same the next summit.

However, there are other tests, for the characteristics of which are best suited to two words: speed and dirt.

Best way – where there is none

Viscous moist soil scored any protector, however, jeeps, not without difficulty, still rushing forward to dampen her each other lumps of sticky mud. The most important thing here – not to lose the progress and adjust skid, as far as possible on wet surfaces. Kings here – long-wheelbase SUVs least вертляют even when turning, minimizing the risk of stop and get stuck in the mud. Although in the skilful hands of the jeep is way out of any such trap yourself, for example, in a few jerks using "shakedown"alternately including the front, the rear gear. Of course, if the SUV is equipped with automatic transmissions, such "tricks" do much harder, but the task and for the latter is impossible.

Well, if the electronic "brain" SUV is not overloaded with all sorts of new features, comfort and safety of the driver on the track. So, ESP, allowing the safe disperse heavy high machine to decent speeds on the highway, cool interfere in cases where the SUV begins to be used for its intended purpose, namely to drive, and in some cases fairly quickly, to such places, where the road is not at all. At the slightest drift electronics retarding those or other wheels to support the set course. However, when driving at high speed is a risk that the machine simply get up on the turn, so from the driver in this case, you want phenomenal concentration and filigree skill taxiing.

Jeep, even "обутый" the road wider tires, and is capable of showing these miracles patency on the soft dirt roads. Those who had the opportunity to ride on ATV video which we now have the opportunity to see never forget tested feeling when heavy machine, literally flopping in непролазную грязищу like sailing on a track, sprinkling in all directions wet clay.

Even in those places where the track болотистого kind goes to these mud lakes, SUV confidently holds the course. And this is the real mission of this machine. Yes, these jeeps are a kind of tanks on wheels, only without guns, able to travel where sham "паркетники" would not cross and one meter. This is why we admire these machines, and, being neither fishermen, nor hunters, we still strive to buy SUV, because it is behind the wheel of this car, we strangely transformed, absorbing part of the enormous power, hidden under the hood of this beautiful and powerful machine.