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The model range of domestic SUVs LUAZ

For all history of existence of the Lutsk automobile plant, were issued many passenger cars. Almost all of them were developed for use by the rural population. They were distinguished by high traffic, some of them were amphibians. Only in the beginning 90, were proposed model for the city and the beach. If you arrange all modifications of the cars in chronological order, you get the following:


This floating SUV, designed by order of the military. Its serial release began in 1975, with the car produced since 1961, was Originally intended for ensuring of transport of ammunition, towing, mortars and other light guns, the evacuation of the wounded and etc.

In the first models of its body made of fiberglass, but this material is not justified imposed on him expectations. Replacement demanded слабомощный motorcycle engine (22 HP). In the end, instead installed the model of US-149А, unified a Zaporozhets. After this, the machine began to have the following characteristics: speed in the water – 3 km/h, highway – 75 km/h, the engine power – 30 PS This model stopped producing in 1978

 LuAZ 967


967А differs from the model 967 only engine. On it is installed motor MeMZ-967А having a larger capacity (40 HP). This car was manufactured LUAZ in the period from 1965 to 1977. The truth openly sold it came only in 1975, Before she staffed with military units.


Modification 967М was adapted for civilian use, and went on sale in 1975 it was made several significant changes:

Unfortunately, the production of SUV lasted a very short time, just before the end of 1980

 LuAZ 967М

LuAZ-1901 "Geologist»

This car first produced from 1962 to 1967, and then its serial production continued in 1999, However already on other automobile plant. Its base is the same 967-I modification, but as with numerous enhancements.

"Geologist" has:

Fuel consumption is also increased with 10 liters per 100 km at a speed of 40 km/h, on 12 HP speed on water instead of 3 km/h was 5 km/H.

 LuAZ 1901 Volyn

LuAZ 969 "Volyn»

The first machine Volyn LUAZ descended from the conveyor in 1967 issue of the continued almost until the end of 1992, Initially on the machine was still the same engine from АвтоЗАЗа that significantly reduced the comfort of the passengers in the cabin of its high noise. The auto was set manual transmission. 

In different years the enterprise has produced several modifications of the car, they are presented below.


Production years SUV from 1967 to 1972, Its main difference was that the machine was absent wheel on the rear axle. In fact, this is the first front-wheel drive car, which was released in the USSR. There were created 7938 units of this model.

 LuAZ 969А


Years of car production 969А since 1975 to 1979, This machine had a soft top body (canvas), which is easily removed. The tailgate was reclining. The model was developed for use on the roads. Total number of issued units – about 30.5 тыс.шт. Capacity SUV is 400 kg, while he can tow a cargo weighing up to 300 kg


From the first modifications 969M. differed a high comfort – the salon of installed seats, the same as in "Zhiguli». He had many structural features, which are not available in earlier versions. Installed capacity at him engine MeMZ-969А is 40 PS Difference is the installation of a separate drives brakes on the front of the circuit, having гидровакуумный amplifier. Changes undergone in front of the body and form of the windscreen. Note that the model 969M. entered the top 10 auto at the international exhibition of cars in Turin 1978

 LuAZ 969M.


The first machine of this brand was released in 1990. Its difference from the model 969M. became engine from Tavria, not plows. This has allowed to considerably reduce the noise coming into the beauty. But this is not all structural changes, although outwardly machine does not differ from its predecessor:

 LuAZ 1302


Base for the manufacture of this cargo modifications of the car was, of course, model 1302. SUV AWD, has excellent characteristics of the terrain. Cooling liquid of the engine was, not air. In comparison with the base model was an increase in wheelbase 0.5 M. the Place of fastening, spare wheel – tailgate. This cargo auto enjoyed great popularity among the rural population.

 LuAZ 13021

LuAZ-1302-05 "foros»

Presented to the public car was in Moscow in 1999 at the exhibition MIMS’99. But, unfortunately, in series-production none of these beach jeep and saw the light. It was collected only a few pieces on special order. «foros" was developed on the basis of LUAZ 969. Its highlight was 4-cylinder Italian diesel engine Lombardini, with a capacity of 35 PS Though the cost of the "foros" was quite acceptable for that time, the leadership of the automobile plant could not find the money for the start of serial production of machines.

 LuAZ 1302-05 foros

In conclusion, we note that throughout the history of the release of the Lutsk plant passenger cars, each of the machines in the series became a kind of a masterpiece. It is at this enterprise produced the first переднеприводную machine. Here developed beach jeep, however, have not managed to run it in production before the collapse of the USSR. In short, one can say with certainty: Lutsk automobile plant has made a significant contribution to the development of mechanical engineering.