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The ranking of the most efficient SUVs

SUVs are one of the most convenient and comfortable of vehicles, and is easily explained. Any SUV is ideal for movement over rough and difficult terrain, and for the city. For this reason the SUV is a desirable car for many car owners. But if this is the most economical SUV, then this car simply has no equal in the world of car enthusiasts!

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The pros and cons

But as we all know, any car the tool has its drawbacks. These powerful and heavy vehicles the most visible drawback-high fuel consumption of SUVs. So the city is still most advisable to use an SUV or crossover, and the car, because in this case you do not have to spend too much cash on gasoline.

These machines a long time ago in our country is not a luxury.

More and more car owners prefer a vehicle of this class, the reason is not only their impressive size and power. Another reason, especially in the CIS countries was the poor quality of roads. Sometimes the car just can't get around the track without any damage.

Unfortunately, the times when the owners of SUVs and other vehicles didn't pay much attention to indicators such as fuel consumption, gone. In connection with the sharp rise in oil prices, and as a consequence, gasoline, approach to the choice of vehicle has changed. A big part of the future drivers ask or learn about the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Fortunately, the automotive market has time to respond to changes in the world, for this reason now you can easily find economical crossovers and SUVs.

Which is better, petrol or diesel

Early in our country very popular were gasoline engines. This is explained by the fact that, in the opinion of the Soviet people on diesel engines should drive only the rural technology. It was. Before the engine on diesel fuel often found in various trucks and tractors. What difference diesel petrol engine?

But do not forget that often this means low engine power. For this reason, many in our country prefer petrol engines despite the higher fuel consumption.

For this reason, it is possible to meet two cars of the same model, which capacity may vary and a half times! And the only difference is the type of engine, though more powerful it will be installed gasoline engine!

Economical SUVs

So if you want to find the most economical SUV, you'll first should pay attention to the economical diesel SUVs. But some car owners love the speed, so the option of crossover of low power does not suit them. In this case, you should pay for the most economical SUV on gas. But for many this concept will diverge depending on the value of the car. Some important to buy a SUV cheaper, but a little more fuel consumption. According to most car owners in our country, the most economical SUV - Renault Duster which has a high capacity, especially considering its a diesel engine, and excellent fuel consumption – only 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Many believe that it is the most reliable diesel SUV, however, there can arise disputes. Also some people prefer the same model, but with a gasoline engine.

Some pay attention to more powerful SUV-BMW X1 20d xDrive AT. At 100 kilometers it consumes only 5.4 litres of its fuel. And accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 8 seconds. But do not forget that vehicles of the brand BMW has quite a high cost, and this is not surprising. After all, BMW has long been a guarantor of quality for many drivers.

Another difference between diesel and petrol engine will be the noise level. Generally, diesel engines emit more sound than their gasoline counterparts. So if you have a vehicle class economy – it can become a serious problem. In cars of a higher class is also a good soundproofing, so this should not cause any discomfort to its owner.

Here the owner of an SUV collides with a small problem, because to find a master, ready to take over the repairs of the diesel engine a little harder. This is due to the complex structure of the engine itself. Not everyone has enough knowledge and skills to fix diesel engine. Therefore, almost every car enthusiast looking for reliable diesel SUV that will not bring its owner on the road.

SUV and crossover

It is also worth to mention about the difference between SUVs and crossover. Many believe that the main difference – is the frame. But it's really not about her. Crossover – a mixture of an SUV and a passenger car that feels good in the city, and the embossed areas. As a rule, crossovers tend to be less fuel consumption, so they will be more economical. However, they lose the SUVs in power. Lately crossovers are increasingly popular in Russia due to bad quality of roads. Where there is not enough driving characteristics of the car – the crossover will pass without difficulty. To decide which vehicle to purchase need based on their needs. The above listed key features to consider when choosing a fuel efficient SUV.