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Trailer for the UAW own hands

UAZ, as you know, that's pretty universal car, the main problem which are excessive demands to the jeep. How would it does not say, but "were tired hardly win the bulk of the international competitions on the road where you want to speed up, namely cross -. Most owners use davnnyy car in the household, that opens the need to make a trailer for a UAZ own hands.

General provisions

Unfortunately, 2011 in our country it is impossible to put on record in the trailer made "handicraft" method. Until that time, the self-made trailers spread the requirements under which this procedure was successful:

But, alas, all this in the past and now it only remains to be content with their achievements without registration. 

 With the car


It is worth to say that the trailer for the UAW must withstand enormous load, as the owner, sooner or later, wants to carry a weight of more than 750 kg Then even the area with a shelf 40 mm will be small. So, what is needed for the manufacture of the trailer:

This is just the ideal materials that do not have any problems, you can apply a similar, such as those described in the article below.

Manufacturing process

 Production platform

 Installing the dual shock absorber front

 Another view

 Mount tiller

Thus, we have almost made a trailer for UAZ own hands. However, you should not hope that the Internet is full of drawings: most likely you would have to make yourself. Of the many articles can be found only General information.


Trailer, requires all the same "accessories"that transpoortnoe tool. The first thing you should pay attention to is the fenders and mudguards. They are not just for beauty, but, first of all, for security, because the mud from under the wheels can just cast aside the glass of the back of a moving car. You can get them ready, or make most. If the whole trailer made soundly and is intended for transportation of cargoes from the tons, it would be better to make the wings that you can put anything, lean on them or just come to this deysstvie didn't do them harm.

 One of the variations of the wing

Then you should install lighting equipment. At this moment, too, do not save, you must priboresti:

Under the latter it is necessary to make the brackets, and better protect their lattice avoid undesirable damage.  you can choose the right place: it is best to put them on the sides of the boards, otherwise, you may damage during unloading.

 Installation of lamps, protection grating

Next we turn to the awning. This is an important part, as it will help prevent falling out of cargoes on the move, and save you from unwanted eyes. To do this, the sides should weld brackets that will be inserted into the frame. Their height can be regulated.

 Design of an awning

Well, up all that remains now is to secure the spare wheel. Unfortunately, not always have the ability to make a trailer on wheels UAZ, so that the "spare tire" have to duplicate. It can be installed on the front wall, pole or under the bottom of the trailer.

 Placement of the spare wheel


This manufacturer of the trailer for the UAW's own hands is completed. Will only have to paint all the details, this is a must in order to avoid corrosion, who knows her delo.Tam, where not predusmastrivaetsya welds, you can apply galvanized metal.