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Trailer hands for boats in 8 steps

 boat trailer

Of course, the trailer for transportation of boats is not a necessity. Indeed, the boat can easily leave  on the coastal boat Parking lot, come back at any time, start the engine and hit the road. However, for those navigators who love to explore new and uncharted water area this option is not suitable. The more additional arguments manufacturing  trailer for the boat with their hands can be attributed, and the opportunity, after returning from a voyage to lift the boat ashore, which in turn makes it more care and improves durability. Trailer for the boat with their own hands can serve not only as a means of transportation, but also as a way of storing the same sailing facility. The relevance of the second cause is especially seen in the cold season, when enough to immerse the boat on a trailer and covered with a dense curtain.

Before answering the question how to make the trailer for the boat, we note that such devices are considered a vehicle, which must be registered with the traffic police within five days after its production. Also for this time allotted time, it is necessary to have time to take out insurance of civil liability of the owner of the unit. During registration You will pass on passing state technical inspection and license plate number. When towing a trailer, all these documents You should be always with you.

For registration of the trailer, made by yourself for a start you have to visit the organization (best plant)having the right of assessment of the unit and capable of testing. You must be very wisely decorated drawings. After testing Your device, You will be given a statement with which You can put the trailer on the account.

How much the cost of a boat trailer with your own hands?

More worth of components, which require us to make the trailer under the boat with their hands and on their value.

First of all it is necessary to purchase certified sites of industrial manufacturing, namely the torsion axis, which cost in the range of 3000 rubles, and coupling with an approximate cost of 250-300 rubles

The following elements of the trailer can be purchased in any specialized  shop or to make yourself wings – cost about 500 rubles, support foot – 500 rubles, posting – 300 rubles, lighting – 500 rubles, fasteners – 400 roubles, wheels – 2000 rubles, winch – 1300 rubles, the keel-blocks – 1500 roubles, paint – 800 rubles

Thus, materials will need to purchase in the amount of 11 100 rubles, But do not forget that You still have to pay the money for the testing of the boat  - 500 roubles and registration – 400 rubles total receive a trailer for a car with their hands on the amount of 12 000 rubles For comparison, boat trailers  in stores you can buy not less than 30-35 thousand rubles Agree, there is a huge difference.

Steps in making a boat trailer own hands

This section will explain how to do a boat trailer with your own hands, of the above components.

1. In order to be able to  make a trailer for the boat with his own hands, you must be sure to  be guided by the dimensions of Your craft. Violation of the same indicators may damage not only the trailer, but the boat. Also do not forget about the possibilities of the car, with which You will perform transportation, pay attention to this characteristic, as a restriction on the weight of the towed funds. Below the drawing, which is designed for transportation of boats length of 4,5 m and weighing from 100 kg To the trailer turned to be just under Your boat, you can slightly change the sizes.


2. For manufacturing of the frame use the rectangular pipe size 80х40х3,5. Pipe connections must be strengthened kerchiefs, it is best to cut them to the guillotine. Then you need to drill holes and screws M12 through bushes attach axis and hitch. An important aspect of this is the correct selection of balancing and keeping to the clear perpendicular axis of the Central beam. To check these settings put on the wheel, engage the trailer for the car and go, if the trailer is not pulling in the direction, then perpendicularity met, then put a boat on a trailer and check the balance. The load on the towball must be in the range of 50-80 kg If it is not, it is better, of course, immediately пересверлить axis.

 Trailer frame

3. Next we hang on to a trailer the support foot and safety cable.

 support foot and сраховочный belt

4. Then from the pipe size 60х40х2 be welded support for winches and install it.

 Support for winches















5. From the pipes of the same size, as for support of the winch, made the support of the wings.

 Supports wings

6. And again using the same pipe, manufactured supports кильблоков. For support of keel rollers need metal in the size not less than 4 mm, chop the guillotine and cook. The roller axis must walk very easily, otherwise it заедании keel of a boat easily порежет video unfit. Moreover, we note that the length of the poles кильблоков is necessary to choose so that the wheels fall on the longitudinal element set, in this case, the bottom will be less проминаться. The angle of the wheels will help you calculate the profile of the bottom, cutting it from plywood.

 Support кильблоков

7. The penultimate stroke manufacturing trailer with your hands will be his painting. To do this, first to cover the device corrosion-resistant coating, and as a paint you can use basic enamel.

8. Last  the stage of making of the trailer is in the installation of lighting and plates with illuminated for license plate. To do this, подварить beam of light pipe and the place.

 Installation of lighting

So, trailer painted and ready for registration.

 Ready trailer own hands

Finally, we note that with proper operation of the trailer, made by your hands, will serve you faithfully for many years. But the operation of the trailer You need and the specific skills of driving of the car.  when transporting boats always remember that on the back of your trailer, and therefore behave on the road accordingly. There are many different external factors increasing the width and length of  the corridor"occupied by the road vehicle with a trailer, the more that trailer with расположенней on the boat it is wider than the machine. Overtaking when driving with a trailer  is dangerous maneuver, because the other driver of the vehicle can not expect the appearance of the trailer and, as a consequence, not be in time to slow down. Always stay alert when eating away from the boat trailer, especially if the road You are not familiar with.