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Trailer Polaris

Today you can find a sufficiently large number of fans of skiing jet ski, as one of the summer and "drive" sports. Some people prefer to take a jet ski rental and ski on it during the holidays, and someone decides to purchase this equipment for permanent use. In the second case, the presence of management skills, occurs a number of issues: what kind of watercraft buy, how to store and, equally important, how to transport it? In this article we try to understand the last question, what will explore:

What are the types of trailers for personal watercraft?

Before purchasing a trailer for his runners, it is important to know what trailers are in this group.

So, the trailer for the transport of Polaris is included in the category of so-called бестормозных. There are the models intended for the carriage of one, two and even three of watercraft. Nevertheless, the basic classification of such trailers is carried out depending on their type of construction: allocate trailers open and closed.

For open trailers suffers the following characteristics:

Some also provide for the possibility of moving wheel. This allows you to place the wheel axle designed so right above her was the centre of gravity of Polaris. Why we need such a system? The correct location of the jet ski trailer provides:

The advantage of the trailers of this type lies in their universality: in addition to personal watercraft, they are able to carry all other types of motor vehicles, including ATVs and snowmobiles. Note the following features of the closed trailers

The choice of a particular type of trailer depends on the anticipated conditions of use. Enclosed trailers have advantages in that they protect watercraft from precipitation, and look appealing.

Accept the final decision, of course, but first you should be familiar with the following information.

 Indoor trailer Polaris

What to consider when choosing a trailer for a jet ski?

When you select a particular trailer on which You plan to carry your favorite jet ski, we recommend to be guided by a few tips:

1.  First of all, note that refurbishment of a typical car trailer not appropriate. The matter is that the trailers to transport water transport vehicles, including runners, are made taking into account the need of partial submersion of the trailer during the descent technique (in our case, jet ski). This determines the peculiarities of manufacture of trailers, the case is processed corrosion-resistant coating, and the wiring is surely protected from ingress of water;

2.  it is Desirable that purchased the trailer was equipped with a winch and a possible descending platform. And even in this case, the purchase will cost You a bit more expensive, but the platform will enable easy descent Polaris water, and the winch will greatly facilitate its climb back to the surface of the trailer;

3.  the Length of the trailer should slightly exceed the length of the jet ski. It is also understood that the trailer must have sufficient capacity for the transport of a specific model hydrocycle. Also, when buying a trailer must take into account its total with гидроциклом mass, to ensure the ability of the tractor vehicle safely withstand such pressure. As a rule, this occurs because the absolute majority of watercraft for its weight is included in the first group of waterfowl equipment;

4.  If there is necessity for transportation of two jet skis, it is important to know the following. There are special trailers intended for the transport of two pieces of equipment (their capacity is about 1 ton). By design, they merely provide the tandem trailer is able to transport jet. In this regard, their cost is higher than expected by 30 or 40 percent. But developed and specialized multifunctional trailers for personal watercraft, sleeping on himself and all additional elements hydrocycle, fuel and instruments. And although the price is not too little, it is completely justified by the functionality of these trailers;

5.  Pay special attention to the location of the axis of the trailer. It should be in the middle, because there is a center of gravity jet ski;

6.  Finally, it is recommended to complement gained support wheel trailer. This is, firstly, to improve the maneuverability of a trailer, and secondly, will provide an additional point of support. It is important that the support wheel was a plastic or bouncy and necessarily wider wheels. Otherwise, the wheel will be linked in the ground and only impede the movement.

You can give a much larger number of councils, but they will already belongs to narrow issues concerning, for example, peculiarities of transportation of some models of watercraft or transportation under specific weather conditions. The above rules are common for all cases, and compliance with them will allow You to choose high-quality and reliable product. And the next after selecting step is to directly purchase.

 Trailer for transportation of two jet skis

The cost of trailers on hydrocycles

Prices for trailers intended for the transport of personal watercraft, differ significantly depending on the type of trailer, and what kind of suspension is considered.

So, the most common outdoor trailer with a torsion suspension, which can be transported compact jet skis, will cost approximately 30-32 thousand rubles. If You are interested in spring suspension, the price will increase up to 35-37 thousand. Below prices on open trailers grow together with the increase in themselves trailers, which is quite natural.

But you only have to pay attention to trailers with a plastic lid, how can you detect a significant increase in prices: the cheapest one will cost not less than 170 thousand rubles, and for the model with independent spring suspension, a winch, support wheel and other equipment (so to say, maximum equipment) will have to pay the whole 293 thousand rubles.

As far as models for the transport of two jet skis, their price starts from 160 thousand rubles.

In this regard, it is quite reasonable to think about how to buy a trailer for Polaris is used, because:

Finishing conversation about the trailers for the hydrocycle, we note that this is a technical tool in any case absolutely justifies its purpose, allowing You without any problems delivering his jet at the right place.