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Tuning cars UAZ

 Appearance UAZ after rework

Why UAZ tuning? To make it more suitable for its owner. What changes should undergo UAZ depends on the purpose. Mainly divided tuning into three types: technical, internal and external. If you need to improve the off-road start with lifting - lifting of the car, increase ground clearance.

Lifting UAZ

Lifting body (body lift) is a lifting of the body over the frame of the car. This is done at the expense of additional spacers. Body lift increases the space in the wheel arches. This allows you to put on UAZ wheels larger than foreseen in the original design. The larger the wheel, the higher the permeability of the car, the more contact patch with the surface and a better ability to overcome vertical obstacles such as large rock, log, track. Litovka of the body through a set of spacers mounted between the frame and body, is the easiest way to provide a car with large wheels.

 Big wheels UAZ

The lifting of the suspension not only provides the ability to install larger wheels, but also raises above the road the whole car. As a result of improved accessibility, increased angles of entry and exit. In addition, increases the life of the frame, body, since they have less contact with the surface of the earth and different obstacles.

 Elongation earrings springs UAZ

Ways to lift the suspension:

Tuning the technical part UAZ

Primarily in finalizing the technical part attention is given to the engine.

 Engine tuning UAZ

Possible improvements of the engine UAZ:

 The engine UAZ

These measures will help make the engine run more stable and will increase its capacity. If UAZ tuning is done for extreme driving, then you need to pay attention to the ventilation of the cylinder, which significantly affects the performance of the unit. For example, in case wading snorkel set, overlooking the roof of the car.

The tuning salon

 The appearance of the Oise salon

Salon UAZ quite austere. Someone like it, someone not. The lack of superfluous elements, low comfort is understandable affordable price of the car and its practical applicability.

The tuning salon depends on the specialization of your car. If you want to use it to overcome the terrain, extreme travel, the salon requires minimal alteration. For example, once you remove the factory insulation to facilitate cleaning of the machine after passing through water obstacles or "bathing" in the mud.

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If this extreme is not expected, and there is a need to make the car more convenient and comfortable, we resort to the following measures:

 The interior cabin UAZ

Part of the tuning salon may be the equipment hatch, which can be more or less depending on the preference of the owner and the main destination of the vehicle.

The tuning body UAZ

 The body UAZ after rework

Finalization of the body UAZ may be limited to the tinting and painting, and may involve a number of alterations and installation of additional equipment. Here all also depends on the underlying purpose of the car. Because UAZ is the first SUV, and equipping it must be appropriate.

Possible results of tuning:

Of course, this is an incomplete list of possible completions of the UAZ. This car provides almost unlimited opportunities for tuning. Often when buying it seems to us that the package we are satisfied, however, if the car is to get from it anymore. It's not necessary to buy a new car. You can resort to tuning and make your SUV a better, more powerful, give it a unique appearance.