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Tuning Chevrolet Niva: rates and owner reviews

 Chevrolet Niva: tuning and owner reviews

 In this article we consider the well-known and long-loved car - Chevrolet Niva: tuning internal and external, talk about the price and on the responses motorists-owners. The change of qualitative characteristics and appearance of the car is gaining more and more popularity. Spare parts for tuning "Chevrolet Niva" on the market in a big way, so each holder of the above-stated car can improve your SUV, both externally and internally. However, if the external "Dodger" to produce simple, here "stuff" crossover things are more complicated.


Who does not know Field? Niva know all

And indeed it is difficult to find another Russian car that would have enjoyed the same popularity, are distinguished by reliability, high capacity and ease of maintenance. Chevrolet NIVA is a real SUV with permanent mechanical Quattro, equipped with a reduction gearing and forced locking center differential. However, no matter how good was this car, always willing to improve its qualitative characteristics and appearance, that is, make tuning.

For example, to add power to the motor will have to try. The original car data – 80 horsepower under the hood and engine displacement of 1.7 liters. Agree, not enough for the SUV. To add "horses"have to perform a number of operations with the engine. First, replace the factory forged pistons, change camshaft, finalize the cylinder head, setting there new valve with a larger plates. These improvements would increase the power of the motor of the car due to more complete infusion of a combustible mixture and improve the quality of blowing cylinders.

Secondly, to complete work on the tuning of the engine, you must install a lightweight flywheel, turbocharger and a new flow exhaust system. The final touch is to update the firmware, capable to add a car with dozen of  the horses".

There are many ways to improve the characteristics of Chevrolet Niva: tuning pendants, appearance, cabin environment. With regard to the suspension, it itself is strong enough, however, as they say, there is no limit to perfection and suspension may be enhanced. This will improve the performance of the car and handling. Usually produce strengthening the grip of the rear axle, the upper brackets on the front and rear bumpers, as well as fastening top bolt fasteners gear front of the bridge. No harm will be installation of power steering, dual shock absorbers.

Clothes for SUV

To give individual style and improve the appearance of the SUV, the spoilers, side skirts, front and rear protection bumpers. The cost of such a "finishing the loop about 50 thousand rubles together with the cost of works on installation. Many of these "tricks" are of a purely aesthetic nature, while others can be of real practical value.

 Tuning Chevrolet Niva

For example, in Chevrolet jeep equipped with rapids more comfortably enter (sit) and also much easier to come out of it besides, they protect the body from dirt and stones. But if you want to install the so-called "кенгурятников" still there is no common opinion. On the one hand, they improve the appearance of the SUV, make it more aggressive, plus help keep the front and rear of the car during the accident. Only here if such a vehicle accidentally hit a pedestrian, then the latter will suffer the stronger, than if Niva was without this trendy device. The Field also set often hitch, change the wheels and headlights.

 Tuning Chevrolet Niva: sills and rear lights

Often into the Field, set the external air intake of the engine, which in the case of hydroimpact help save the car, and overcome water obstacles without damaging the machine. Another device, often mounted on the car, the original railing - trunk, which is located on the roof and mid-cabin enables to carry cargoes.

 Hood and roof rails on Chevrolet Niva

The interior can also be made more attractive. And there really is room for imagination motorist. In a car you can embed a special on-Board computer, make a leather lining of the cabin and heated seats, buy a stereo with савбуфером. Any store, offering services for tuning has a sufficient number of devices designed to make use of the car more pleasant and comfortable.

 Chevrolet Niva tuning of the saloon

If you take so to say "naked" car Chevrolet Niva: price will be more than acceptable for the specified characteristics. The cheapest car will cost the owner of about 447 thousand roubles, if we consider the different arrangement, the price of the model may increase to 518 thousand rubles. Well, if the car owner after buying the car decided to make tuning, you have to be prepared to put their desire to turn your SUV looks like a steep jeep foreign production tidy sum.

Pros and cons of Chevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva is the owner reviews: like any other vehicle, Niva has its supporters and opponents. If we talk about the disadvantages of the car, then they may be just two: not too strong motor and a small trunk. Although, as we have seen, the power of the motor can be increased slightly.

Basically owners of this crossover point to the high flotation on the road, as well as lower maintenance and repair costs of the vehicle, compared with other brands SUVs.

Different Niva Chevrolet its reliability and a variety of configurations. Therefore, over 530 thousand rubles can buy luxury Niva with the salon, which practically does not differ from the salon of cars.

New from Chevrolet

 Shevrolet Tracker: the change of the Field!

At the end of 2012, the company presented a new crossover Chevrolet Chevrolet Tracker New. According to experts, the machine was created in the image and likeness of Opel models Mokka and the Buick Encore. In fact, they are similar, like twin and have only minor differences in appearance and technical equipment. This SUV with a capacity of five people, it is the most capacious among similar machines trunk. On assurances of manufacturers of machines will be excellent handling and economical engine.

Among technical characteristics mentioned that the car will be presented with two types of engines. One of them – six-1.8 liter engine мощностью140 PS with mechanical and automatic transmission. The second – turbocharged engine 1.4 liter with mechanics and all-wheel drive.

The price of manufacturers are not voiced. But when you consider that Opel Mokka helped to create this model costs approximately 717 thousand roubles, it is easy to guess, that a new model of Chevrolet not be too different in price.