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Tuning fields: prepare your car for the road on the advice of a professional

I would be an exaggeration if I say that Niva in our country – this is the most popular SUV. It and is clear: where else can You find an auto for such a price and with such potential? Only when buying the fields you can get and increased cross-country ability, and stable behavior on the asphalt, and the relative comfort. So Niva is the car in General should arrange owner. If You don't like something, what car should be developed further. I will tell You about how to make the tuning Niva 2121 for off-road.

Of course, a serious transformation even Niva will require substantial cost to the motorist. So to start I will give You one advice:

Only if You have a real and a clear idea of what to expect from fields after tuning, You could do it correctly. You save yourself from unnecessary actions and expenditures. You can get a true pleasure of their fields.

 Тюнингованая Niva off road with the trunk

How to improve patency of the Fields?

Instead of bit by bit to collect a variety of tips, some of which are often simply useless, I recommend You read the following information. I assure, that all of the following provisions have been tested in real life and have proved their efficiency. So:

1.  First of all, you need to modify the suspension. How to do this? For a start, I recommend to install limited slip differentials, as well as independent fastening gear front of the bridge.

When finalizing the suspension is expected to be useful and increase the progress of the front suspension. For this it is necessary at the top of a ball bearing install the spacer, and buy and mount a powerful and large shock absorbers;

2.  Many set tires of large size. I must say that the effect of this is, but we must act wisely. If you just put a big wheels, it will require a lot of torque, otherwise simply not enough traction. And when there is not enough traction motor is spinning up, the transmission can fly because of heavy workloads. So I always recommend that you change the default key pair of wheels on the other, with the gear number of 4.7 (not factory 3,9). This is, firstly, to increase the torque, and therefore compensates for the installation of wheels of large size. And secondly, prevent the loss in the dynamics and speed.

Here I should note that the wide wheels will require broad disks. What You put: can be molded or not - not just in principle, in any case, the new disks must be of a suitable size;

 Тюнингованая Niva for terrain: installation of springs

3.  Time really talking about the installation of large wheels, You will have to cut arch. Then I advise you to cover the wings soft expanders. They and externally will be useful to hide incision, and very strong, you can safely climb in any wilds;

4.  then you can install more powerful springs in the front. On the one hand, it will reduce the load, and on the other, will effectively increase the clearance. In parallel with this is usually increased wheel arches, and to outwardly the car has become more manly form;

5.  it would be good to finalize the engine fields, and the torque of the factory is not enough. I recommend to set the grassroots camshaft: he actually increase torque and shifts it to the side turns lower, so You can not worry more about overloading of the motor.

 Тюнингованая Niva for terrain: installation of low-camshaft

Now about the necessary pedals

Now we should talk about what "stuff" You will need them, carrying out Niva tuning for off-road. So:

1.  let's Start with the little things – the trunk. In General, the Luggage compartment of the fields terribly small, so either need a trailer, or engage the trunk from the top. It is clear that the us trailer on the roads to anything. So just set up on the roof additional boot. Tip: Install trunk reinforced with powerful fastenings as the roof, and to the body. And can a ladder add, then it is easier to climb.

2.  Because the roads assumes and fording, then we strongly recommend You do the following:

3.  at last, an indispensable attribute of off-road tuning is the winch. Behold, I tell You what: see very often, as winch is installed on your machine, but it no. Why? Everything is very simple. Some set winch more for "smartness", than for the case. To winch really worked on the roads, you must do the following:

 Тюнингованая Niva for off-road: the installation of winches


Here, actually, and all the necessary information. You can take the initiative and come up with additional elements of tuning, but I told You exactly about the terrain. Recommend to carefully study all the visual materials, to understand how to change a car Niva tuning for terrain: photo and video, presented today in the network, including, and this page will help shape the future of the image of the SUV.