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Tuning of the legendary car "Niva"

 Tuned Niva

Now we are a little more detailed look at the changes, which may expose the Field.

Lifting The Fields

Who needs a facelift? The owners of the Fields, who love to go fishing, hunting, those who are often out of town or loves driving in extreme conditions, will sooner or later want to increase the permeability Fields. Typically, they start with lifting.

Lifting is a lifting body or the suspension of the car. The easiest way of lifting is a lifting body with sets of spacers, which are mounted between the frame and the body. This procedure raises the body over the frame and allows the installation of larger wheels size. Larger wheels increase permeability.

 The rise of the Fields with large wheels

The lifting of the suspension also allows you to install larger wheels, but it provides other benefits. In this case rises above the road the whole car.

To perform the lifting of the suspension can be equipped with special lift-kits. In addition, with the same purpose, set the springs and dampers from Chevrolet Niva or GAZelle, spacers under the ball joint and spring, lengthen traction rear axle.

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Lifting the Fields increases the vehicle's clearance, allows him to overcome higher obstacles and cope with difficult roads or off-road.

 The increased clearance Niva

However, a rise above the road leads to the fact that the car is stronger swings while riding even at low speed. So do not overly carried away with enthusiasm, and be sure to take into account the increased ground clearance while driving to avoid accidents.

Tuning the technical side

Tuning Niva, typically includes completion of the technical part of the car, and in the first turn of the engine. Master tuning this process is called rational tuning, as it gives the opportunity to significantly improve the performance of the car and make it more powerful and adaptable.

 Improved engine Niva

Work with engine increases torque at medium and low speeds. Increases engine power for a few seconds reduces the acceleration time to 100 km/h. the Car is easier to overcome difficult soils, wet snow and other difficult conditions.

 Stages of engine tuning Niva

Install the turbocharger reduces fuel consumption, resulting in greater efficiency and to improve the environmental performance of the Fields.

Tuning Niva body

The tuning of the car body Niva is aimed primarily at strengthening its protection. Although, for example, "war paint" is needed for other purposes, for example, to stand out or, conversely, to make the car less noticeable. So, if it's not for painting, the refinement of the body Fields involves the installation of additional equipment.

 Change body Fields

If necessary, can be installed and other elements, which depends on the requirements of the owner.

Tuning salon

 Tuning Niva interior

The interior of the car has not changed for a long time, more than a dozen years. The interior of the car looks uncomfortable and outdated. More modern it can be done by dragging the map doors, side panels, installing more comfortable seats.

 Make the salon better Fields

Many experts recommend to improve the sound and thermal insulation, upgrading heating systems and lighting. Needs improvement the instrument panel. Today issued various decorative inlays and onlays for her. The dashboard can be completely replaced by installing tuning "Torpedo " Comfort" or a torpedo from the Opel Vectra. In this case, the interior will be more modern looking and driving will become easier and more convenient.

Thus, Niva tuning will help improve the car, and more precisely adapted to the specific needs of the owner, and make it individual.