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Tuning the GAZ-66 or from shishigi in hammer

GAZ-66 can be rightfully called a miracle of the Soviet automobile industry. The obvious advantages of four-wheel drive truck undeniable. Produced machine from the beginning of 60-ies and became a success in the Soviet Army, which speaks volumes. For the entire period of production, namely until the 90s, it has proven itself to be extremely reliable machine, while the share of export was huge.

Numerous advantages enable the currently formed a large circle of admirers of seeking such a machine. And happy owners of their dreams GAZ-66 tuning spend almost always it would be desirable not only to the maximum improve the car in accordance with modern trends, but to give the car a personality.

 GAZ 66

Characteristics of the original

Prior to tuning consider the most significant technical components of the GAZ-66.

Despite these seemingly good technical parameters for the car of his time, still today GAZ-66 do not meet the requirements of modern motorists and auto tuning in any case inevitable.

Work on the

Most importantly, as a rule, begins the tuning of any rare car is replacing the engine.

Native engine GAZ-66 quite powerful and good. However, there were cases when instead installed the engine MTZ or diesel engine D-245 of the Minsk motor plant. However, it is not always clear what are governed by the proponents of such upgrades, because along with them and native ZMZ-66-06 pretty good.

In terms of achieving profitability on the car is the best option would be  using the engine from ISUZU with displacement of up to 4.5 HP With this engine can reduce fuel consumption without losing the main advantages of the vehicle.

 GAZ 66 engine tuning

Work with the body

The exterior of the vehicle is an important point for many car owners. A body of GAZ 66 all depends, as a rule, only on the inventiveness and taste, as well as the volume of funds invested in the tuning. The first point in the tuning of the body is his painting. Here the greatest distribution probably has the camouflage option. However, with classical army colors khaki machine also looks quite respectable. The machine with conveyor went always extremely reliable, therefore, no specific recommendations on its improvement does not exist. Here you can only mention the possibility of additional anticorrosive processing. Many owners are widely used of different body kits for cars, but they all have more decorative than a real increase security. Especially it should be noted that due to the fact that the machine is often used for tourist purposes, its capacity allows to equip rooftop extra roomy place for storage and transportation of baggage. And if you make a strong enough base frame, the mass of the transported only there the cargo will be so significant that all of the premises inside can be given under the residential area with the minimum required number of things and maximum comfort.

 GAZ 66 tuning of the body

Work with salon

Comfort is also every owner of a GAZ-66 cares in advance, so modification of the interior is no less necessary than update body or engine.

The first thing here attention is drawn – the increased noise in the cabin. For quality sound insulation today, there are quite a wide range of materials, so that no one should have problems, most importantly know the technology.

The second point – visual design. Tuning you can expose and dashboard. If there is no desire to carry out major changes and save the original appearance, you can Supplement it with led backlight, and the skillful use of which can improve the readability and is not distracting from the road of light.

And the most important thing for many, probably replacement seats more comfortable and ergonomic, because this machine is usually planned for long trips. Simultaneously with the seats you can spend finish and all interior surfaces that appear to be poor enough for a private car.

Utilitarian colouring, justifiably in case of the war and the working of the destination machine, you can change the soft-touch finish, but it should be noted that this work is complex, because the surfaces are not designed for such alterations.

 GAZ 66 tuning of the saloon

Uncommon transformations

Tell one of the examples, when craftsmen realized that remarkable advantages truck GAZ-66 can be converted into a SUV quite negruzovogo destination.

They took the chassis of the GAZ-66 in the shortened version, preserving the native engine, the transmission and transfer box, used the same suspension, but the body produced again. Looking at the GAZ-66 tuning photo, you can see something resembling a Hummer? 

 The GAZ-66 or Hummer?

That came out of it with much to say. On the one hand, it was a fairly inexpensive extremely powerful and passable SUV with other – about the comfort and convenience forget, i.e. not work accommodate truck for auto smaller volume without consequences for convenience.

Transmission steals a lot of space inside the cabin. Native transmission requires skills in circulation. Steering has very low sensitivity, and consequently maneuverability and mobility. Suspension, calculated on the equipped truck, very severely affects the sitting. Yes and no soundproofing will not help because it is very difficult to muffle the sound of this engine in not provided to the conditions of operation of the body. The dynamics of such a machine may not much to boast of, but throughput and carrying capacity of all the same height.

Of course you can also try to make their GAZ-66 something like that, but first think about whether You can drive such a car? Having at its disposal such a monster, subject to the application of skillful hands and fantasy, as well as a certain amount of funds, You can always get a high quality vehicle that will be a faithful companion and comfortable place to stay for tourist trips and it is not necessary to change the whole body, trying to get something like the Hamer.