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Tuning UAZ loaf for off-road

Many people who dream of having the opportunity to climb into the neprolaznuyu wilderness, but do not wish to spend the extra money on my hobby, soul despise German, Japanese and American SUVs, remaining faithful to the native UAZu Loaf or Tablet. Case  that auto UAZ loaf differs remarkably low cost. However, even in this standard it has a high capacity, excellent cross-country ability and serious capacity. Only serious drawback is the almost total lack of comfort – these machines were produced for the needs of military and in huge numbers, so that the comfort of the users has traditionally focused on the last place. However, some prefer to raise not only the comfort of the car, but many other features. About them and will be discussed in the article.

 UAZ Loaf of tuning for off-road

With what to begin?

To start with the fact that for a UAZ vehicle Loaf of tuning for terrain and can be very varied – this machine though is created in order to make it exactly what you need a particular owner, ranging from luxurious mansion on wheels and ending with a tank, which is not afraid of any dirt.

Of course, cross-country, even with the standard Loaf will be able to give odds to many foreign cross-country vehicles, the cost of which exceeded it. However, it can zabuksovat' on a bog or sit on the bottom on the hilly terrain. Therefore first of all a great solution would be to install the new wheels at UAZ Loaf. Broader and high wheels allow you to more evenly distribute the pressure on the ground, that gives an opportunity to pass even through waterlogged roads. With their help, the driver can easily miss the wheels of large boulders and any bumps. Of course, the need to significantly change and appearance of the car – often cut the old wings that they do not interfere new wheels, replacing them with more appropriate.

 Wheel larger radius at UAZ Loaf

If you plan to travel by car on major routes, developing a decent speed, we must not forget about another trait. UAZ Loaf model, of course, successful. But constructors are not expected to ride it will be the speed at 120-140 km / h and above. Therefore cornering stability is not good. Fortunately, this is easily solved. Put the bridge from the other suitable vehicle. We, as specialists on the road recommend the bridge from the UAZ-3159. It is longer than 15 centimeters, but the sustainability of the car increases. Of course, wide wheels also will do the job. With this tuning you can safely accelerate to maximum speed, knowing that can easily enter in any turn.

Especially  fanatical owners who can afford to spend on tuning the machine its full value, can install instead of native diesel engine. Due to this significantly increases the power of the machine, and at the same time and speed. Yes, the operation is very expensive – have to look for a reliable overseas engine, then spend more than one day under the hood, adjusting it to the new needs. But as a result you will get a brand new car, speed and all-terrain quality which you will surely amaze you.

 UAZ Loaf with Chinese engine isuzu

Do not forget about your comfort!

For many travelers car UAZ Loaf is not only reliable means of transportation, but a second home, where they regularly spend the night in the middle of swamps and forests. Well, put the tent's not always possible, besides it will take some time. But if to think over the new interior design and qualitative realize, it can comfortably sleep four adults men – upholstered with soft stuffing berths, were in two tiers, easily fit in the cabin and ensure a healthy, sound sleep.

 Reclining seat to sleep in the back

Many owners of this car establish an additional furnace to in the cold of winter to have the opportunity to warm up the road and a good night's sleep. Yes, this is another fuel consumption, but a good dream, certainly worth it.

The hatch on the UAZ Loaf is also set very often. With one hand – this allows hunters to comfortably sit, take pre-emption, and make a good shot, not even out of the car and, therefore, without losing precious seconds. On the other – in some cases, if the doors are suddenly locked external obstacles, and get out of a car you want it; Luke gives the opportunity.

 The hatch on the UAZ Loaf

If you want you can replace the driver's seat, modify seat inserts that support the lower back. Such repair UAZ Loaf stand without consequences – can do it even by the owner, not having the slightest experience in such work. But now spend whole days at the wheel will be much easier, more comfortable and easier.

 KAMAZ seat UAZ Loaf


General options for tuning the car simply sea. The vast world wide web you can find millions of demonstrating photo UAZ Loaf of tuning. There you can find a detailed description of the different ways unifikaciy to create exactly what you need specifically.

So go ahead! The cost of UAZ Loaf is quite low and even with all expenses on its tuning, you will spend much less money than buying a beautiful, comfortable, stylish, but capricious and complex repair of  the foreigner».