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Tuning UAZ Patriot: cheap and expensive options revision of the car

The urge motorists to the expression by adding bright elements in the exterior of the vehicle or give the unique properties of its individual components indestructible. This desire has long been noticed by the manufacturers, which along with the serial samples began to produce limited auto with improved parameters and external expressive attributes, underlining the status of the model. This same passion exploit tuning workshop, offering value for money to turn your car ’star highway”. And if many modern models, the development of which was done by the designers of international renown, additional intervention may only hurt for UAZ Patriot tuning  diverse elements is quite grateful task.

 Tuning UAZ Patriot

SUV UAZ Patriot manufactured Ulyanovsk automobile plant since 2005, with his ordinary appearance and performance characteristics of the power plant is ideally suitable for bold experiments on the exterior and interior and attempts to improve its performance.

Revision appearance UAZ Patriot

The external styling is the most democratic type of work to improve the image of the SUV. First, we can do it in your own hands. Secondly, a wide range of accessories for styling offered by numerous companies, including original manufacturers, allows the owner to make your car really different from other members of the "club Patriots’. Thirdly, the cost of such devices is not exorbitant.

 Tuning grille UAZ Patriot

The exterior styling UAZ Patriot include the following details (in parentheses shows some brands):

 Light ’chandeliers» UAZ Patriot

The list is not complete, but it gives an understanding of how diverse range of devices manufactured by the industry for styling UAZ Patriot. Separate expensive styling direction is airbrushing.

 Airbrushing on UAZ Patriot

 Tuning kit from the Company Rolex-Tipp

Tuning UAZ Patriot Pickup allows you to set the cargo platform cab, plastic cap or just a protective arc.

Components of interior finish

It is known that even the use of custom covers for seats can completely transform a grey car. But today the owners of UAZ Patriot can draw inspiration for their creativity in different directions of modernization of the interior, proposed tuning companies:

 Upholstering seats UAZ Patriot

The most expensive modification of the cabin are included in the equipment serial auto modern navigation systems, Parking control, alarm, radio stations and antennas. Such complex work should be trusted only to professionals, as incorrect installation, they can affect and disrupt the operation algorithm of regular vehicle systems.

 Tuning salon UAZ Patriot

Tuning the suspension, body and power plant

UAZ Patriot – this is a real SUV, so the experts on tuning could not ignore the main purpose of auto – conquer the off-road. The most popular among customers Elevator suspension. When finalizing using special spacers under the frame, springs and leaf springs. Elevator suspension not only provides improved off-road qualities of the UAZ, but also allows the use of wheels of larger radius and a special mud tires. Often, the original shock absorbers are replaced with reinforced counterparts Rancho or custom rigidity Koni, are reinforced springs and springs Tough Dog or Ironman.

 Elevator suspension UAZ Patriot

From an engineering standpoint, the most difficult is the tuning of the power plant UAZ Patriot. It covers the engine, transmission, axles and mechanisms for the management of these sites. This tuning –an expensive and lengthy process, but it really allows you to get from the average characteristics "rogue" real conqueror off-road.

To tame such power requires a completely different mating device: clutch (for example, firms Starco) and the main elements of the suspension system shock absorbers, springs and leaf springs. A significant increase in power also allows the use of wheels with a greater range without losing the dynamic qualities of the car. These discs give the car an aggressive and muscular look. The cost of such tuning can reach the cost of a new car, often - and exceed it.

 Tuned UAZ Patriot

Modern technology of repair and a rich selection of unique items allow caring people to do the styling and tuning UAZ Patriot useful and fascinating process, which particularly successful technical and design solutions can deliver a true aesthetic pleasure not only to owners, but also other drivers, greeters such UAZ in dense traffic flow or in a desperate race off-road.