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Tuning UAZ Patriot with their hands

What is the UAZ Patriot? This powerful frame, conventional suspension and continuous bridges that interferes with the comfort of the movement, but helps in off-road conditions. Basic equipment of "Patriot" is quite enough to drive on to moderate the road - road away from the pistes, trips to the country, etc. But for those who are thinking about the peculiar features of this SUV's worth a try tuning UAZ Patriot does not apply to the categories of cars in a class of "trophy", but it is used for long and long distance travel. So one should take care not only about driving performance and high cross-country ability, but also the convenience, comfort for the passengers and the driver.

 Tuning UAZ

The navigation performance tuning

In the SUV UAZ Patriot tuning with your hands is quite simple and does not require any significant changes that could make only professionals of tuning Studio. What should you do first? It is logical that the first thing increases the ground clearance and are larger diameter wheels. To do this, lift the body on the frame (produce so-called gap) at 60-70 mm, This will be quite enough to make the installation of wheels with a diameter of not less than 33 inches. The next step in the continuation of this stage is the choice of the rubber. However, it is all worth it lay on the subjective preferences of the owner, so skipped this time.

Secondly, UAZ Patriot" has its weaknesses, among which is particularly noticeable plastic bumper with property "collapse" at the first contact with the lack of roads. Therefore, the next thing is reinforced front and rear bumper - now in off-road conditions can feel far more confident. For greater effect can be installed on the front bumper противоударную frame (in common - "Roo"). To protect the block-lights on the "Patriot" will not be superfluous to install the grid on "кенгурятнике" it will be very useful improvement, despite the high price.

 Reinforced front bumper

If there is a question tuning, then surely the owner is counting on a long journey, in which you need to use a large number of things, and some of them may not fit in the trunk. Specially for this can be installed on the roof of the "Patriot" expeditionary trunk - a very useful thing. This may also include replacement of thresholds. Of course, in the original configuration of the SUV they are present, however, at the first outputs on the off-lost - all because of very weak brackets. Therefore, if the SUV will be used in constant travel, necessarily need to be replaced and thresholds.

The appearance of the SUV in order, there is a qualitative protection of the body. Now pay attention to the protection of the pallet car, because there are open suspension, a breakdown of which is highly undesirable in terms of travel. Need to install lightweight yet durable aluminum casing, which will protect KPP, distributing shaft, steering rods and fuel tank. It will not be superfluous and improvement of shock absorbers and installation самоблокирующихся differentials.

Engine tuning UAZ Patriot includes the installation system off the engine cooling fan. Otherwise, overheating the cooling system. To do this, you need to display a button to switch off the torpedo, and when crossing rivers and wetlands disable the fan. Breathers transmission display higher, if SUV will often negotiate water obstacles.

 Engine tuning UAZ


For UAZ Patriot tuning of the saloon is an optional condition, which does not fundamentally change the quality of patency and do not enhance the capacity of the SUV. Tuning of the saloon is used to provide comfort for the driver and passengers, regardless of the climatic conditions and the complexity of passable plots. In this case, everything is quite simple: you need to ensure that the movement of the SUV as comfortable as possible. To do this, you can replace the seats on higher quality, improve the system of heating and cooling the interior.

 Tuning of the saloon in the UAZ

At a certain amount of funds, you can maximize beauty - install qualitative power Windows, tooling salon, climate-controlled and install air bags. The basic elements of interior tuning, thanks to which no longer a risk of overheating or overcooling passengers and the driver, duration of the trip significantly increased, and eliminates the risk of serious injuries.