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UAZ 469 secrets tyuniga

Everyone knows that with certain amounts of investment in any undertaking, it most likely will be crowned with great success. And, by the way, tuning UAZ 469 with their hands is no exception. If desired, you can turn this machine into the SUV representative class, which will certainly look in envy and amazement.

It is worth noting that the UAZ tuning with your hands is usually made in order to adapt it for different variants of operation:

 UAZ 469 original

By the way, what is remarkable, UAZ are used mainly for off-road driving, but, as practice shows, these vehicles, alas, are not designed for such loads, so if you are pursuing this goal, then you should start first of all with the wheels of the car.

Drives on the UAZ is better to put the 15-inch, but the tyres need to choose a size not less than 31 inches, tread pattern must be such that would knead neprolaznuyu dirt. The installation of such large wheels respectively require extension of the wheel arches, i.e. cutting wings. Note that the total of all the work done can stand you in a fairly large sum of money (not less than 50 thousand rubles).

 The installation of wheels on the UAZ 469

Installation of winches, as without it, it is one of the most important off-road accessories, which will always help you to get out of a difficult situation.

 Installation of winches on the UAZ 469

Now you can begin to learn, namely painting of the body. Here everything is done easily and simply: shkurim, do waterproofing and cover a bright paint.

 Painting UAZ 469

It is advisable to also replace all the optics of the car. The new is new, and ride on the road in the dark all the same sometimes. Knowing at least a little about the electrical man, well as you can cope with it.

 Replacement of optics at the UAZ 469

Installing vetkootboynikov is an indispensable procedure for tuning any vehicle, intended to ride on the road. Work also does not represent any difficulties. You just need to buy in a shop on two eye nuts, eye bolt and screeds and the cable with the diameter of 4 mm

Beauty and practicality sides sheathe a corrugated aluminum. It will be enough to sheet size of 1,2x2 meters Mounted on aluminum rivets, pre-treating Board movil'yu.

 Installing vetkootboynikov and sheathing boards on the UAZ 469

Do not forget to install Roo, which is necessary not only for beauty but also to protect the front bumper.

 Installing kenguryatnika on UAZ 469

Next cut a huge hole with his hands in the ceiling UAZ to install the hatch. Luc is necessary not only for hunters, but also to ventilate the cabin by the way. In this case, was taken usual hatch from pazika that you can clip homemade loops, but you must be sure to hatch sheathe aluminum and insulate, in order to avoid condensation.

 Installing the hatch on the UAZ 469

Having finished styling package UAZ with their hands can do and comfort in the cabin. You must first replace the steering wheel on the more comfortable and ergonomic. Without this driver is unlikely to feel comfort from the drive.

Next, make the car completely Soundproofed and waterproof. To do this, the inner sidewall and floors of the car lay vibroizol, then the noise and already on top sheathe aluminium.

 Replacement steering wheel and sheathing of Solon on UAZ 469

Definitely replace the seat. By the way, interior dimensions allow to make installation of armchairs and stand tall when you open the hatch can be and legs when traveling fully retract. In this case were fitted with leather seats Honda, which have the potential to transform and without any problems with the rear seats are transformed into a comfortable bed for two persons.

 Replacement seats for UAZ 469

This can be considered a kind of repair UAZ 469 complete with their own hands, but if you wish you can add a lot of bells and whistles, and also, if you have the skills to replace yourself and engine to increase the power of the machine and for reducing fuel consumption.

Of course, car tuning a serious and responsible, but the result will be such a vehicle, in which you will be pleased to sit down and not a shame to show to friends and acquaintances. What matters is that you do not face financial difficulties during the works and was the desire to make your car is convenient for you.