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UAZ Patriot pickup SUV for Russia

 The appearance of a pickup truck

Commercially available since 2008, cargo-passenger all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles UAZ patriot pickup is made on the basis of the known Ulyanovsk SUV UAZ Patriot. Therefore, they look almost identical. UAZ Patriot pick-up" has a comfortable five-door all-metal body, additional open a cargo compartment with a folding Board for transportation of cargoes and is designed to pass on roads of all categories. In the car used modern insulation from noise and vibration. Reliable motor operation is ensured by components of foreign production. The car uses an upgraded brake system and convenient steering. Specially conducted for the UAZ pickup test showed that good performance is the main advantage of the machine. She is able to go in almost any area where there is the slightest hint of the road. Brody полуметровой depth pickup boosts very easily, and broken asphalt or dirt roads not have any negative effects on the suspension. Due to its excellent off and functionality UAZ is very popular among farmers and sports enthusiasts, fishermen and hunters.

Produced car in three versions - the two major "Pickup classic" and "Pickup - comfort and with a short double-cabin Pickup truck cargo."

In 2012, the car was substantially modernized. The main changes in the interior, equipment and some specifications.

New interior

 Front panel Ahead Controls

SUV is designed to service five people and has a cabin with two rows of seats. Beauty UAZ pickup began to be more qualitative finishing materials in a different color combination. Plastic details became softer and more pleasant to the touch, which was a response manufacturer of the criticism of the owners of the first issue of the car, suffered the constant rattling during the drive. Updated front panel, installed function steering wheel manufactured by the German company Takata - Petri AG, improved design of the instruments, changed the layout of the buttons in the centre console, added built into it, stylish receiver domestic production Ural, which reproduces broadcasting in popular bands, CD, in the MP3 format and is equipped with a USB connector.

The new pickup received, and improved the basic package. So, in the version "Pickup - classic" besides the already mentioned the audio system is now in use mirrors heated, power steering, power Windows, Central locking, new pedal equipped with electronic control system gas pedal, the updated system of climate control in the cabin of the German company Sanden, streamlined design duct, updated ventilation system and air damper actuator. In the version of "Pickup - comfort" added air conditioning, heated front seats, fog lamps, two-tone trim (top black - white below) and interior seats.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to mention the shortcomings identified by the familiarization with the updated car:

 Inside the cabin The second row seats

In General we can assume that the UAZ patriot pickup received a pleasant and high-quality interior. It's worth mentioning combined finish and the possibility of ordering leather cladding salon (this service will cost 15,000 rubles). 

Updated the body

In the design of the SUV is used elongated platform from Patriot, due to what was how to save a place for accommodation in the cabin of five men, and set sufficiently capacious cargo compartment. The main drive back, although can connect and front. It is necessary to consider, that because of the reduced aerodynamics pickup spends more fuel. In addition, unloaded rear axle can lead to instability of the motion in the winter. But transportation of bulky cargo now will not be a problem.

Dimensions UAZ pickup 2012 model year really affect:

 Internal dimensions of the cargo compartment

Weight SUV in running condition is 2135 kg (petrol) or 2235 kg (with diesel engine). On the conveyor can install tyres three different size 225/75 R16, 235/70 R16 and 245/70 R16, on steel ("classic") or alloy ("Comfort") drives.

The main advantage of the pickup is its trunk with internal dimensions relative to the overall size of the car:

Load capacity of the car is 725 - 755 kg of available cargo area cover tent (10,000 rubles), hard cover (for 25000 rubles) or the add-in - cab (45,000 rubles). Useful volume in such cases, increases significantly. 

 A spacious cargo compartment

Technical data


SUV is available in four price options:

 Cargo compartment

Owner reviews UAZ Patriot Pickup

Whatever the level of advertising a new product, its success or failure in the market can be assessed by analyzing customer feedback. Demonstrate the reputation UAZ pickup owner reviews.