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Various non-thematic articles

News of the automobile world

Are you interested in news of the automobile world, filed with iyuyuminkoy so that was interesting to read? All car portals are full of the same news every day, trying to present them as "tasty". If you visit at least 2 automobile site for a week - you are likely to read the news about one and the same. We offer you the news that is really worthy of attention and not lose their popularity through the day so that was an urgent need to replace old news new.

Automobile humor and cognitive stories

You like to study and compare the similarity of icons cars of different countries? You want to relax from work everyday and see the funny car Amateur videos? We will show you the most popular spots on the interaction between drivers and traffic police officers. Often happens that we do not know how to behave with the employee of the DSU in a particular situation. Read boring ra'yasneniya is not so interesting. Watch the same videos using knowledge of the rules of communication with the staff of road patrol interesting and useful. 

If you are tired and want a bit of fun - you can always show we have the best funny videos with the participation of the traffic police.

In this section publishes articles, which were not included in one of the other partitions, but still interesting to the readers.