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We UAZ car Loaf

Classic UAZ Loaf (he Tablet) enjoys great popularity in our country. Thousands of hunters, fishermen and travelers prefer it to him, not sophisticated in Japanese jeeps or American to hammer. The reasons for this are many – first of all, the simplicity of the device, highest reliability and low price. Of course, the car has certain shortcomings. Fortunately, not too much, so that the undoubted advantages of completely block them. Moreover, to eliminate them is not as difficult as you might think. And tuning UAZ Loaf with your hands ’ s not a fairy tale, as it seems at first glance.

 UAZ Loaf original

Comfort – the first case in the long travel

Of course, one of the main disadvantages of the Loaf is the complete lack of comfort. Well, the car was created primarily for the needs of the military, so what about the comfort of the creators thought last. Well, hunters and travellers don't mind relax in the comfort of his car after a hard day.

Remake beauty UAZ Loaf with their own hands, it is relatively easy, it  will be able to make any owner who has hands and minimum stock of knowledge. Options for tuning – hundreds. In our case, we preferred the existing lying designated sheathe паралоном. Took a little time and money, and it turned out pretty well,  now in the cabin can comfortably sleep four or five people, which is important for travel over several days.

 UAZ loaf of alteration bedridden чидений

A deadly tiredness after a day of driving – permanent beach drivers of all varieties of UAZ. Therefore, we also changed the design of the driver's seat. We went to a more complicated way and don't have to set a comfortable сидушку from another car, and decided to sheathe available сидень additional layer of soft пружинистого material (foam) and provide back special lumbar support.

Next was replaced with the steering wheel on a more ergonomic and he was supplemented with the hydraulic booster. This, of course, raises the possibility of a breakdown, but now the pain in shoulders would leave, even if drive hundreds of miles.

 UAZ Loaf of replacement steering wheel and alteration of driver seat

Download inside and out

In principle, we just needed a machine that could pass on any off, the engine we left the old, fuel-injected. But, in order to improve the sustainability and at the same time reduce the pressure on the ground, we installed a wider wheels and tyres respectively. After all this gives an additional guarantee that the difficult road car will not sit down "the belly".

 UAZ Loaf wheel replacement

Then it was decided to replace the native bridge on the advanced shot "Leopard». We also replaced and differentials, with increased friction. It allowed to get rid of thrashing on difficult sections of the roads, but not to burn once again transmission. Still, the failure of a transmission – serious problem for many travelers on SUVs.

 UAZ Loaf replacement bridge

Because, as we have said, tuning Loaf was focused on the roads, in the outer tuning of the primary task was to install the winch. The case can say the five-minute, to correctly pick up its capacity.

To protect the front bumper we set Roo, which, incidentally, was made independently. We needed a pipe of stainless steel, Bulgarian, and a welding machine. For those who own experience welding, make the same is not difficult.

 UAZ Loaf installation of winches and кенгурятника

Additional optics not interfere in the road in the night, yeah, and add Уазику опрделенную flavor. Its installation we once again it didn't take much time and effort.

And in резульатате all the performed manipulations, we have got this all-terrain UAZ:

 Тюнингованная UAZ Loaf


Of course, the options for tuning of this beautiful car – hundreds, painted above is only one of them. But already at its base it is possible to make a conclusion. Improve UAZ Loaf with their own hands will each driver, дружащий with tools and has some imagination. But if you needed a more serious tuning, then take a job, not having in-depth skills and special tools not worth it. It is better to entrust such an important matter professionals. Yes, we should give a big sum of money for such an upgrade, but as a result you will get a great car that will drive tens of thousands of kilometers and that would take you in any way. We offer You finally also show demonstrating UAZ Loaf tuning video: