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What you need to know when choosing a tire for SUV?

Pereobuvat' SUV need very competently and responsibly, otherwise Your conqueror of roads will be with the nose. The lack of awareness only about the index of speed and size. Talk about what you need to know when selecting rubber for his jeep, and about specific producers to find the best tires for SUVs.

First of all, you need to clearly understand that set the wheels and tyres for SUVs should be strictly in accordance with the terms of use of the car: if you are riding over rough terrain, look for mud tires, and if the car You need only in the city, then take road tires.

All tires for SUVs is divided into several types, in the framework of which have their own producers-leaders. Today, it is widely spread not only European, but also, for example, Chinese tires for SUVs. Although, as before, global brands remain the leaders. Let's start with the first category – road tires.

 Tyres for SUVs

Choose the road rubber

The so-called road tyres are used for movement on the asphalt. For these tyres are characterized by the presence of a directional tread pattern, which guarantees good traction with road surface irrespective of humidity. All new cars are usually equipped with exactly highway rubber. Positive features of the considered types of tires is their durability, wear resistance and low noise level. In General, if You ride the city, occasionally leaving behind its limits, choose trunks exactly highways. Keep in mind the following:

Now look at the most popular model-highway tyres and their characteristics.

These tyres are of all-season and are designed for SUVs, which have speed ratings "S" and "H". The model is characterized by:

The average market value of the model is 5.5 thousand rubles.

This is another model, suitable for everyday use in all seasons, although it is, rather, the best winter tire for SUV. When developing the manufacturer relied primarily on the maximum efficiency of tyres, which in the end have:

The cost of such tyres varies from 4 to 6 thousand rubles depending on the size and performance index.

In this case we are talking about summer rubber, different truly high parameters of durability. The distinctive features of the model:

The cost varies from 4 to 6.5 thousand rubles.

 Automotive rubber for SUV MICHELIN Latitude Cross

These summer tyres for SUVs are suitable for almost everyone, and that makes them universal. For the model is characterized by the presence of some features, which together significantly increase the basic characteristics of the bus:

It should be noted that the model is more expensive than other road tires: its value was established on the level 4300-7200 rubles depending on the specific indicators.

And now study the universal tyre

Now we proceed to the next category tires. We will talk about the universal tyre. Name varieties speaks for itself: this tire is a weatherproof product suitable for operation in various conditions. Outwardly learn these tires can not only their labeling, but also to tread (it's very wide).

The improved operational characteristics of a rubber achieved due to the more rigid rubber compound and high-slat programme. Universal tyre recommended for those car owners, who move equally over the city, and cross country. However, You need to know about some of the specific features of this rubber:

Moreover, the kind of tires well manifests itself in the rocky areas and the Sands, although the slats can sometimes clog. By the way, give one piece of advice, proven by experience huge number of motorists:

As in the case of road tires, here you can also select the four most popular models, although the total number of manufacturers and their products significantly exceeds this figure.

Before us summer tire for SUV. This model is ideal for trips to fishing or hunting (if, of course, we are not talking about the complete absence of any pavement). Main features:

All the qualities of this model allow it to provide excellent handling and even wear in operation. Estimated cost varies in the range from 4 to 7 thousand rubles.

 Universal tyre for the SUV BRIDGESTONE D697

This is yet another summer tyres with high efficiency on a dirt road. This option is attractive because it is absolutely safe, reliable and quite good at different conditions.

Like the previous model, these tyres are in the range of 4-7 thousand rubles.

The discussed model is positioned by the manufacturer as perfect for a road covering low-quality or to the abundant amounts of water and mud on the road. Tires are characterized as follows:

Also, the model is positive the fact that even in case of considerable deterioration keeps good controllability.

The average cost of tires is about 7700 rubles.

The last of the most popular General-purpose tyre has vsesezonnost'yu, as well as:

Also note that the technology used when developing the model, has reduced brake way as on dry and wet road. Finally, there are those tires advantage over all other options – buy tires for the SUV considered model can be for 4800 rubles.

Mud tires

These are all-season tyre for SUVs, intended for use on powerful cars in the harsh conditions of full lack of roads. Mud tires are excellent traction whatever the road and weather conditions. Outwardly, these tires are characterized by a very wide and aggressive pattern, high slats, as well as the ability to cleanse itself. When choosing these tyres note the following:

Immediately prior to the examination of specific models consider some features of mud tires:

 Mud tires YOKOHAMA G001

Now look at some specific models.

These tires have a unique indicators controllability under any road conditions. The model is characterized by:

In the end, rubber provides excellent traction, a sufficient safety factor and the increased resistance to tearing. Of course, such tires and cost more than standard: price ranges from 5700 up to 9,000 rubles.

This all-season tyre designed for the most difficult off-road conditions. Manufacturer managed to create a unique profile addressed under the most optimal angle. In addition, the tire has strong ability to cleanse itself.

The cost of this model varies from 7 to 9 thousand roubles.

Tires for real off-road

In the case of the conquest of the most serious obstacles to buy a special kind of tires – extreme. They most often figure on the type of tractor tires. We should not think that under extreme understood tyres for agricultural equipment. On the contrary, such Amateur decisions only worsen indicators patency and manageability. And the real extreme tires have high lugs do not suffer from clogging with dirt and are durable enough. Also considering their purpose extreme tyres have a high level of noise and heavy weight.

Consider some of the models.

This model is a special success among all foreign tire manufacturers. It is a truly extreme bus, which is characterized by:

Of course, it is worth such a rubber quite expensive: from 9 to 17.6 thousand rubles.

But we should not think that only the "overseas" tyres are suitable for Your car. There are in this category (and all the others too) and domestic tyres for SUVs. I-192 one of the most highly technical models Yaroslavl tire plant appeared in the Soviet times and today is characterized by:

Meet and her own completion in the form of in-depth grinder tread. The model is very high quality, and the price of it gladdens: only about 2 thousand rubles.

 Tires for real off-road SIMEX EXTREME TREKKER

To summarize

As we can see, tire choice is not so easy, because we have listed just a small fraction of all producers: as already mentioned, there are Chinese and Russian tyres for SUVs. Ultimately, the case rests on the issues of costs and personal preferences. The main thing: time to decide what exactly You need these tyres. Good luck in choosing!